• A Day in My Life: Swimming with a Dolphin
    October 20, 2018

    One of my favourite days while I was away in America, was the day that …

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  • What’s inside my University Bag?
    October 17, 2018

    Recently, I took a trip to Cheshire Oaks (a designer fashion outlet) and bought a …

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  • America Clothing Haul
    October 13, 2018

    So it may have been a while since I got back from America now and …

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  • My favourite September Series
    October 10, 2018

      Since being back at University I have been watching quite a few series to …

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  • Why I love Miami.
    October 6, 2018

    Since my trip in the summer, so many people have asked me the simple question, …

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  • 24 Hours In New York Alone.
    October 3, 2018

    So as you guys probably know I went traveling after I worked in America and …

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