Moving into my Second Year House.

42949-img_8860-2-2Last Saturday I officially moved in to my second-year university accommodation. This was a huge step for me and I was feeling rather anxious about it. See, second year accommodation is very different to first year accommodation. You go from few worries to suddenly having to worry about bills and house safety. First year accommodation is a perfect halfway step, as though you no longer live with your parents and are completely responsible for yourself and your wellbeing, you are still well protected. If something in the flat breaks in your first year, you can just wonder down to reception and they will deal with it. You always have hot water and your heating works, but in your second year, you don’t assume any of this. If something breaks, you must deal with it and it’s down to you to put the hot water on if you want a shower in the morning. It’s totally on you, an idea which I admit slightly scares me.
Since in my first year I had been on the meal plan and had access to cheap dryers, my mother and I made a quick trip to Ikea on Thursday to pick up a few necessities I hadn’t had before. Since most of my things were still at university, I only had to pack these few things, and me being me, I forgot the one thing I can’t really carry. Great start right? With the car packed with 2 empty suitcases, my new purchases, some Morrisons bags and a roll of bin bags (and lacking a drying rack) we left the house at 8.45 am. We wanted to get their early, since my flat wasn’t packed – I should probably explain right here that my tenancy at the university accommodation wasn’t up yet, so I had left most of my things in my flat so I could just transport it straight to the new house. After a small problem with the satnav, we still made great time and managed to arrive at Birmingham university at 11am.

Once we arrived, we took all the empty Morrison’s bags and my suitcases to the top of my tower and started to pack them with clothes, books and other stuff. You would never believe how much rubbish you accumulate over a year at university, its ridiculous. Honestly, 2 car loads! At 11.30 I left my mum and step dad in my flat to pack, while I walked down with my friends to collect the keys. This was probably the start of the stress for me. We had to sign an awful lot of papers and then we had a problem with extra keys, during which my mother thought would be the perfect time to call every time someone came to tell us something important. My biggest suggestion here is don’t try and move in a couple of hours. Things take time and as soon as you put a time limit on it, you start to stress. Once we had the keys, we separated and I met my mum and stepdad in the car on the way to the new house.

The house was nice and easy to find, but when I arrived the problems really began. The house wasn’t ready one bit. The old tenants had moved out the previous day, so no cleaners or maintenance people had been over to sort out the atrocious mess they had left behind. The floor and every other surface had 2 inches of dust on it, the fridge and freezer was disgusting and don’t get me started on the kitchen! After bit of a stress attack, we continued to move my things in anyway, since I had already signed out and filled the car. I had chosen the top bedroom, which happened to be 2 floors up, so we unloaded the car quickly (no parking, so we resorted to quickly unloading outside the door) and my mum and I went back for the next load.

It took us 3 car loads to clear my flat and half of my friends, but since the house was less than a 5 minute drive away this was not a big problem at all. We just dropped, ran, packed and dropped all over again. As I was unpacking, I also managed to drop my mirror, smashing glass everywhere. 7 years bad luck for me then… This went on for a couple of hours, and we finally finished around 2.20pm. At this point my parents left and some of my other friends had turned up and started moving in. 

After the parents had all left, when we were in our house alone it was all worth it. That feeling when you realise that you have a real house with people who are your best friends is worth all the stress. I no longer cared about the mess or missed the view from my beautiful tower. Yes it was annoying. Yes it was sad. But I realised how worth it, it was. We could clean the house, that would be no problem. We could call maintenance to fix the kitchen draws and a bowl of lemon slices and water would fix the smell in the fridge. All that mattered was that I no longer had to live with people I didn’t like and we lived in a house which was ours.

Though I had to leave quickly, I spent half an hour unpacking my room with a friend, since it was full of what seemed to be everything I’ve ever owned. Most of my things were in plastic bags, but since we still had to clean the house properly, I mostly shoved the bags on the bed and put away my clothes in the draws. I left the house at 3pm to get train to my dads. The rest of the day was spent making phone calls and writing emails to various people to get the house sorted properly.

After all this, though it wasn’t perfect, moving in to my second year accommodation was one the most exciting days. It made it easy to have my friends there, especially when things go wrong.

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