Summer, Sun and Lady Bugs.

This past week, summer has finally struck, welcoming beautiful summer suns and warmer, longer days. On days like this, I find it almost impossible to lie-in late and lounge around the house, and I have found that my productivity has increased tenfold. These past few days alone I have, completed seven loads of washing, cleaned the house top to bottom and even jet-washed a porch for five hours. After all of this, I still found myself feeling bored, so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk.

I haven’t taken my camera out for almost five months and I really missed taking photographs for fun. Even though the river is only a 5 minute walk from the house, its almost a different world out there. The sun, the trees, the birds. It’s so calming. I wondered down to the river and over the stepping stones, to the waterfall. I saw a few families, but otherwise it was so quiet and relaxing. I followed the path to the North-side, an area I hadn’t been for years. Little pink and white flowers were everywhere, flourishing despite the ground being dry and cracked. After an hour of wondering, I found myself in the south meadow, which was full of lady bugs and butterflies. I got most of my photos here. The grass was so beautiful in the sun and I just couldn’t help myself from experimenting with the camera settings.

If you are looking for a way to pass the time on lovely days like these, I would strongly suggest going for a walk. Sometimes that little walk down to the river or even just away from the house can change everything. Once I got back, I felt so relaxed. The fresh air can be so therapeutic, especially when you’re having a bad day or like me, if you’re just a little bored.



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