University Packing List

University Packing List
For many students out there University packing can be a stressful task. When I came round to packing I basically just packed everything and anything I could find in my room. However, after trying to fit everything in the car, I realised that I had packed way too much. So we thought we would share with you our opinion on what generally to pack for University both Self-Catering and Catering halls.

The Bedroom:

 Mattress Protector – It may seem silly, and some universities do provide one, but this is a must! Those mattresses might not be as new as you think they are.

 Duvet – Check the size you need when you get your accommodation assigned.


 Duvet Covers – We would suggest at least 2 sets so that if you wash one, you have one spare to use while the other dries.

 Pillow Covers – Again two sets

 Cushions – This is optional but if you do bring cushions then do not take too many, just buy them when you get there as they do take up lots of room in the car. They help make the rooms so much more homely, and do make a difference.

 Blankets/Throws – Though this is optional, you will be thankful for them, especially when it is winter. Having an extra blanket when its cold will go a long way.

 Bedside lamp – Some rooms may come with one but mine did not so always a good idea to check before hand. Also make sure you check the layout of the room, some bedrooms have spotlights over the bed.

 Clothes – This should be obvious, but we would suggest not taking all your clothes as you will probably end up only wearing a small percentage of them. When you do pack your clothes make sure you think hard about what you are likely to wear. A good idea may be only bringing your winter clothes for the first term and then changing to your summer clothes for the second term. Do not forget coats and Raincoats as well.

 Shoes – Again do you really need all your shoes? They take up an awful lot of space, that you probably won’t have.

 Hangers – The thinner the better, as this will take up less room.

 Underwear/Socks – So technically they fall under clothes, but trust me when I say you want to pack all of them. I took so many pairs of sock and underwear and it really helped, I only had to do washing when I ran out of jeans!

 Photos – having these decorate your room makes the world of difference. Honestly! And on your first few nights when you miss your family and friends from back home they can be a life saver.

 Doorstop – Okay, so I may have only really used mine the first semester, but they are great when moving in to make the area more sociable and for getting to know your flatmates.

 Decorations – Its really important to make your room feel more like yours, so fill it up with your things. Fairy lights, cushions, trinkets and posters all help make this room your own.


 Films, Books and other entertainment – To keep you entertained on quiet nights in.

 Laptop and charger – As well as your phone and charger, and any other electronics you might own and want.
The Desk Area: 

 A desk lamp – Its important to look at the room first, if you have lights above the desk or your desk is next your bed, you probably won’t need two lamps.

 Hole Punch/Stapler – These are so useful, especially for your assignments and work.

 Pen/pencils and other stationary – Take minimal amounts of this, as you will probably just end up buying more when you’re there.

 Folders – I took three big ones with me and three little ones and I only used two so be realistic and think about how much work you think you will actually do as folders take up a lot of space. A good rule of thumb, is 1 big one for everything and 1 little to carry. You can always get more or get them sent to you.

 A printer – This is optional. I took a printer to University and I personally found it really useful as could print from my room and did not have to go to the library, but I know Hana didn’t and she survived quite well without it. A printer is a convince, but only if you have the space for it.

 A mirror – This might be useful if you do not have a mirror in your room or you would like a smaller one for doing your hair/make-up. Most rooms are provided with a full-length mirror now, but a small one is super useful.

 Blu-Tac/Sellotape/Tipex – I used all these things in my first year however they are not essentials but may come in handy. Blu-tac is especially useful for putting up posters and photos, and becomes like liquid gold in freshers week.

 A bin – Our accommodation came with this, but some may not so make sure you check. Also if you have an en-suite, not all girls bathrooms are provided with a bin, so one with a lid is so useful, just in case.

 Sellotape – And other stationary like this, but sellotape comes in use a lot during freshers.

The En-suite Bathroom:  

 A bath mat

 Bath Towels – I would suggest two so again if you have any guests staying or want to wash one, you have another one to hand.

 Hand Towels – I would suggest two

 Shampoo/Conditioner – Only take 1 of each with you as you can just buy more at Uni. Although buying a large bottle of each from Costco can save so much money, mine lasted to the beginning of the last semester.

 Toothbrush/Toothpaste – Two toothbrushes may be useful if you have guests but not essential at all.

 Hand Soap/Body Wash

 A shower scraper/Squeegee – This is optional but if you have a glass screen round your shower it will help you keep it clean.

 Medication – This is a must especially for that week after Freshers when Freshers flu is at large.

 Toilet Brush – Our accommodation had this but, lots do not so make sure you check.

 Toilet Bin – My room came with a Sanitary Bin, but as I said earlier, some don’t.

 Sanitary Items – Another great item to buy at Costco.
Toilet/bathroom cleaning products are useful as if you have an en-suite you are expected to keep it clean and wash it yourself however I would just buy them there as it takes up space and is probably just easier buying them at Uni. Also the same goes for toilet paper and air freshener.

The Shared Bathroom: 

For shared Bathrooms you still need a hand towel and bath towel but the University will probably provide most of the bathroom items. You will still need products and toiletries but make sure you buy a shower caddy as this will make transporting your toiletries to the bathroom a lot easier if you are not allowed to keep your things in there.

The Kitchen for Self-Catered Accommodation: 

 Pots and Pans – I took three different sized pots and used all of them but, you could get away with two. I then also took one frying pan which was enough for the amount I used it.

 Cooking Tray – I took one but I could have probably done with two both of different sizes as mine was not quite big enough when I cooked for more than one person.

 Oven-proof dishes – I took three but only really used two depending on what I was cooking and for how many people.

 Tupperware – I took round Tupperware all of different sizes and then 4 oval shaped Tupperware all the same size and although I did use a lot of Tupperware I definitely had too much. I used the different sized Tupperware the most.


 Sieve – I did not take one and got on fine, however I would advise taking a small one especially if you want to cook lots of rice.

 Cutting Knives – I had a set of three that were all different sizes and that was enough.

 Cutlery – I took 24 so 4 spoons, 4 forks, 4 knives and 4 teaspoons. It was definitely enough.

 A peeler

 A masher

 Wooden spoon – I took two, as sometimes I would be cooking two different things at once.

 A can opener/bottle opener

 A pasta serving utensil – Not a necessity. I only got this because my boyfriend persuaded me to but you can get away without one.

 A spatula

 Scissors – I took a large pair and that was enough.

 Measuring cups/spoons – This is optional but I found this useful when I was making cakes in mugs for pudding.

 A measuring jug

 Toastie maker – Optional, I did take one but ended up not using it once. I hope to use it more next year.

 Crockery – I took 4 cereal bowls, 4 pasta bowls, 4 small plates and 4 large plates and honestly it was great as I did not have to wash up my stuff straight away but, I could have gotten away with 3 of each or even 2. I also did not need to have that many options, I am sure one size plate and 1 size bowl would be enough but I liked having different options and did use all the sizes.

 Mugs – I took like 8 because, I got given loads before going to University but only used two at most. They are good for when you family or friend over.

 Glasses – I took 3 small ones and 3 big ones and I found this the perfect amount as, I am very guilty of not washing up glasses after I have used them so would have 4 lying around my room so I found 6 perfect.
All the washing up liquid and sponges you can take with you, but I would advise just getting it when you are there as it will take up space whilst packing and make bags heavier. For kitchen roll I would also advise just buying this when you are at Uni.

The Kitchen for Catered Accommodation:

 Pots and Pans – I would suggest one small pan and one larger pan and maybe a frying pan. It depends. But I would definitely suggest bringing some, as I often used mine to make pasta and sauce for lunches in the flat.

 Cooking Tray – Again I took one for chips and other oven food and it proved useful.

 Oven-proof dishes – I brought 1 while at Birmingham, as I liked to make pasta bake, but definitely optional.

 Tupperware – Like Jenny, I took way too much thinking it was a necessity, but I only used a 3 of the containers, one of which was used for chocolate and biscuits.


 Cutting Knife – I only bought 1 after I had to use my Swiss army knife to cut cheese…

 Cutlery – I took 2 of each, which was enough for me, as I just washed it up after I used it.

 A can opener/bottle opener

 Scissors – Useful for everything!

 Toastie maker – Optional, I got given one as a gift and it was the best thing! Grilled cheeses for the win!

 Crockery – Unlike Jenny, I only took 2 of each, which was plenty.

 Mugs – I actually ended up getting some when I was there, but they are great for a good cup of tea.

 Glasses – 2 will be enough.


 Passport – This is handy when you move in as the accommodation may need to look at it.

 Any confirmation letters for the accommodation and the University – This is handy incase the accommodation want to see forms or your offer for the accommodation.

 Safe – This is optional, I did not take one but a lot of flatmates did. It is useful for locking up valuables when you leave your room. A small lock box will do, you can get them from WHSmiths, but if you get a small one, put something very heavy in it so people won’t just pick it up and run.

 Fancy Dress – You may need this for Freshers’. I did not but some people may have fancy dress events but you can check this before you actually go to University on the Facebook pages.

 Medication – All the general pain-killers, berocca, plasters, savlon and any normal medication you may be on. The better stocked you are the more comfortable you will be.

 Fairy lights – Check this because most accommodation will only let you take battery operated ones as otherwise its a fire hazard. They may say you aren’t allowed them at all, but most people take them anyway.

Generally when it comes to packing, less is more. Its better to slightly under pack than over pack, as you can always buy things when you’re there or get you’re family to bring it up when they visit.If you have any questions or any extra advise for those who may be packing for University then let us know.


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