Best places for University Shopping.

b14e6-bestplacesforunishopping-jpgFor many, one of the most exciting parts of moving in to university, is the shopping. But it can be difficult to get nice new things, but to keep within a student price range. Here are a few places you can go shopping at to get some great quality items, for a low price.


It may seem silly, but Ikea is easily the best place to shop for any university things. Though their range is not the most extensive, they still have great different options and they are all within a students price range. I got pretty much everything from here, from my drying rack to crockery and bedside lamp. They also sell cheap batteries and extension cables, which are definitely worth it in the long run. I would totally recommend Ikea for some university shopping!
Some great Ikea Products:


This is probably one of the more popularly known shops for university things. Its a little more expensive than Ikea, but you have a lot more choice due to their extensive range of goods. I love to go shopping at Dunelm however, I personally only bought my bedding from here, as it was still reasonably priced but, you also had a better range of duvet and pillows. However, I do know a lot of people who bought their kitchen stuff from here too, all of which is generally great quality. Keep a eye out for sales here too, they do huge cuts which is very student friendly, as you can imagine.
Some great Dunelm Products:

The Range

The Range is one of those shops that you either love, or you hate, or maybe you just don’t know about it. I find that you can find great little gems at the range, even if the majority of its things are a little out there. Its great for duvet sets in particular, as they are cheap but usually a good quality. Its also great for photo frames and storage boxes, although yo do need to be careful as some of their items are not always the best quality.
Some great Products from The Range:


Okay, so Primark’s quality can be questionable at times, but their ridiculously low prices and new home wear section means that its worth a trip when uni shopping. Their duvet cover options are definitely worth a look, although I would stay clear of their actual duvets – my mum made the mistake of trying it and it ripped within a week, really not worth it. But their pillow protectors and covers are typically fine. They also supply loads of cute little trinkets like candles and pillows, which aren’t a necessity, but really help make the room more homely.
Some great Products from Primark:


Argos is another good option for mattress protectors, duvets and pillows. They give a good range of items, all marked at a huge variety of prices. Cutlery, crockery and kitchen wear is also popular to be bought from Argos, but they do tend to be more expensive than at places like Ikea or Dunelm.
Some great Products from Argos:


Supermarkets, especially Sainsbury’s and Tescos, are great for kitchen and homeward. It sounds really bizarre, as you usually associate supermarkets with just food, but their home wear sections are actually rather extensive and usually rather affordable. Kitchen wear, such as cook wear and mugs, can be easily bought here at a cheap, affordable price. Look out for sales as well, especially about late August, when they tend to appear in perfect time for university. They are also great to run to when at university if you’ve forgotten anything.
Some great Products from Supermarkets:


B&M is one of those little shops that no-one seems to know about, but its brilliant. It houses a huge range of really cute items at a low price. If you can’t get to an Ikea or Dunelm, this would be a great substitute, as the stock and prices are reasonably similar. The only downside of this shop is that its hard to find, so its better the order things online if you can.

This little cheap shop is everywhere, so you will definitely not have the same problem as B&M, but its the same idea. It has great home wear products and also stocks cheap everyday items, cleaning products and stationary. Wilko is one of those shops you go to, to get all those odd bits and bobs, but its worth a trip going their before anywhere else too as they have a huge range of items for a very reasonably price. They also stock lots of kitchen wear for a very reasonable price, so its definitely worth a trip!

Some great Products from Wilko:



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