8 things you don’t need to take to University.

When it comes down to packing for university, there are so many lists out there claiming what you must take to university and what you really need. In our experience, we found that there were quiet a few things that people suggested, that we just didn’t need. Here is our list of eight things that everyone says you need to take to University, that you really don’t.

1. NUS Card.

Okay so this may seem to be a weird one. Surly the NUS card saves you so much money, which it does, but its not always needed to get a student discount. In fact, most employees at shops will just accept a student ID card in place of the NUS card out of sheer convenience. Though they can be useful for places that won’t take a student ID, I have yet to come across a place which won’t just accept my ID card.

2. Bike.

A lot of people say that getting a bike is essential to university life, especially when it comes to traveling to and from campus, and yes they are very great, but they are useless without insurance. Bikes are one of the most commonly stolen items at university and most people opt to walk rather than risk their shiny new bike being stolen. Most university offer a bike rental for the year anyway, so if you really do want a bike rent one. It may be a little more expensive, but it would be worth it rather than having your own bike stolen.

3. Electrical Kitchen Appliances

This one is a little more well known fact. Do not take any electrical kitchen appliances with you. Chances are, at least one person in the flat owns a kettle or a toaster and will be willing to share them. If you happen to move in and no one has brought one, then you can go out a get one then, but battles and toasters take up a lot of packing space, that could be saved for something else.

4. Extension Lead

Be careful with this one. Many people say that you definitely really need an extension lead, but this completely relies in your room. For my room, we had so many electric sockets that I never needed one once. If your room is small, again you probably won’t need one. Especially with the newer accommodations, it is unlikely that you will need one for your first year at all.

5. Ear Plugs

For some strange reason ear plugs seem to be a huge thing on most packing lists. Though I understand the need for them when you have thin walls, in my experience, it is far better to put on a film or some music with head phones. Ear plugs can be uncomfortable and most university actually give them away in their ‘welcome to university’ pack, along with cards and other supplies. Instead of ear plugs, I would suggest some good, over ear head phones to drown out any unwanted sounds.

6. Swimwear

This is a strange one that I actually followed and never used. Most lists include swimwear in some shape or form, and though everyone goes in thinking that they will be come super fit at university and use the gym 3 times a weak, I promise you won’t. I went in thinking I would go swimming once a week and I didn’t go once. If you know that you will swim, by all means take it, but the likelihood is that you probably won’t and it will just end up in a draw somewhere.

7. A Car

Okay so some people come to university with their car thinking about how useful it will be to get you too and from lectures, but I can tell you they will completely useless. In fact, in most cases cars are a hindrance. Most universities only have a very limited amount of parking anyway and if you don’t get a permit it can get super expensive.

8. Suitcases

Suitcases are great when it comes to moving in, but make sure you send them home with your parents when their empty. Keeping one small case for weekend trips home or away can be useful, but large bulky suitcases can take up too much room that you are unlikely to have. Some people use them for storage, which can be handy, but they usually just get in the way. Instead of a suitcase we would suggest a canvas overnight or weekend bag instead, to take up less room.
Hopefully this list helped give you an idea of what you don’t need to take to university. If you have any more ideas of what not to take to university let us know in the comments below and as always feel free to ask us any questions you may have, we love to hear from you!



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