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I have recently been on my Summer Holiday to Florida, Orlando which was absolutely amazing. It was my first time going to America and I loved going to the Universal and Disney Theme parks. As I had never been to America, I had no idea how I would deal in the heat and even then I had no idea what to wear in 30+ degree temperatures, as my clothes are mainly all suited to English weather! So, In order to prepare for the hot weather I went on a shopping spree and will be showing you five outfits I wore in the states and where I got the items from.

The flightdf4ab-fullsizerender2b6

As we were embarking on an eight hour flight I wanted to wear something that was comfortable, made for the hot weather, yet still looked nice as when we got to America it would be in the afternoon. In order to be comfortable, I knew I didn’t want to wear anything denim and in order to keep cool, I knew that I wanted to wear short sleeved articles of clothing. With this in mind I went onto Boohoo (one my favourite online shops) and looked at their summer wear. Luckily for me they had some really cute jersey material playsuits. I ordered a few but ended up keeping one which is the one I am wearing in the image. It is a gorgeous jersey material with a blue floral pattern on it with a wrap over v-neck. The only slight issue I have with the playsuit is that the v-neck can open a lot more then in the picture and can expose a lot more of your chest however a simple solution would be wearing a vest top or using white thread and stitching the wrap over material together. I then coupled the playsuit with a soft bralette, from Primark, to add lace detailing to the v-neck. I wore this outfit again but coupled the playsuit with different bralettes to add variety. To finish off the outfit I wore my Nike Marble Roshe shoes although took them off on the flight.

: Boohoo ~ £12.00
Bralette: Primark ~ under £10.00
Nike Marble Roshe Shoes: Depop (like eBay but mainly people sell clothes) ~ £40.00

Florida Holiday LookbookUniversal Park

The first day we went to Universal Studios which honestly was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. On the first day I wore a simple outfit of shorts and a cropped non-fitting top. For me personally wearing denim shorts was not the best thing as I ended up sweating on my lower back a lot as the material was relatively thick. I got these shorts from Primark and although they are comfy and the lace detailing around the edge of the shorts is pretty, they did not completely fit me round the waist. Accompanying the shorts, I wore a cropped non-fitting cami top from Boohoo which has a laddered back which unfortunately you cannot see in the picture. I wore this top often as it was a good length and was loose so when it was hot I was less prone to sweating :)! I coupled the top with a halter neck bralette underneath from Hollister as I hate wearing underwired bras in hot weather. The accessories I wore consisted off a black floral cap from Boohoo with a pair of River Island Sunglasses. Although a black cap, although useful for keeping the sun of my face made my head sweat loads as it was black so note to self, next time I go somewhere hot, do not buy a black cap. Just a side note, the black cap seemed to collect fluff so my hat for the whole holiday was covered in little white fluff. I then again wore my Black Nike Marble Roshes as they were the comfiest shoes I brought with me. All in all the outfit was relatively cooling but I would advise avoiding high waisted anything when the weather is that hot and sticking to jersey material as it is more comfortable in my opinion.
Black Bralette: Hollister ~ £14.00
High Waisted Shorts: Primark ~ Under £20.00
Grey Laddered Top: Boohoo ~ Not Sold Anymore
Hat: Boohoo ~ £10.00
Sunglasses: River Island ~ £14.00
Nike Marble Roshe Shoes: Depop ~ £40.00

Islands of Adventure

When we ventured to Universal Islands of Adventure, I decided to go back to wearing a comfy bralette with a cute, flowy playsuit in order to keep me cooler and avoid me sweating tonnes. I wore my halter neck black bralette mentioned in the previous outfit with a simple thin strapped playsuit from H&M that has non-fitted shorts so that my legs/thighs would keep cool. It has a lovely blue floral pattern and if I am right you can also get a matching crop top and dress with the same pattern on. I have to say this outfit was very cooling however, I did find that the waist band of the playsuit made my back a little bit sweaty but because the playsuit was a thin material it was not that uncomfy. I finished off the outfit by wearing my classic black Nike marble Roshes with white trainer socks. The accessories I wore consisted off my Fitbit Flex 2 and my River Island Sunglasses. I love the look of my Sunglasses however, I feel I may have picked up a dodgy pair as they were quite loose and kept falling off my head when I bent over or wore them on my head.

H&M ~ £12.99
Black Bralette: Hollister ~ £14.00
Nike Marble Roshe Shoes: Depop ~ £40.00
Fitbit: I got it in America from Target but you can get it from places in England ~ £69.99
Sunglasses: River Island ~ £14.00

bbd38-picmonkey2bimageKennedy Space Centre

Okay, so although I am not that interested in Space the Kennedy Space Centre was actually really interesting. You do not realise how big the rockets are until you actually see them they are huge!! Anyway, to the centre I wore some hollister denim shorts with a bralette (again) and a H&M top that had low cut sides. Also can we appreciate how cute the pockets of the shorts are. They are a really pretty red/pink colour with a paisley pattern on it and I just think it is adorable and adds some character to the denim ripped shorts. Although they are high waisted and denim, they are very comfy shorts. Although this outfit is pretty simple, I tied up the back of the top as to turn the top into a crop top. I used a hairband to tie it back which also made it cooler. As the top had low cut sides, when I tied up the back it created this lovely open pattern on my back and made my back more exposed which cooled me down (hallelujah) as I was sweating pretty badly in the high waisted denim shorts but they were just too cute not to wear. As always I wore my Nike Roshe Shoes as they were the only pair of trainers I brought with me and although they are not cooling and my feet were sweating every time I wore them, they were really comfy as for most of the days I was standing on my feet for hours on end. I then also am wearing my glasses and Fitbit #standard.

Black Bralette
: Hollister ~ £14.00
High Waisted Denim Shorts: Hollister ~ Not For Sale Anymore
Low side top: H&M ~ Could not find on the website but I am sure they have similar ones
Nike Marble Roshe Shoes: Depop  ~ £40.00
Fitbit: Target ~ £69.99
Sunglasses: River Island ~ £14.00

Shopping Daysb1e4c-img_0415

When we were tired and didn’t feel like walking round in the heat for hours on end, we decided to go shopping. Now let me tell you, the Outlet shopping places in America are amazing. I got some amazing deals and will be sharing them all with you in a later post but for now I will talk about the outfit I would wear when we went somewhere a little less busy and a little less hot then the theme parks. I would wear a denim skirt from Topshop which I actually adore (although is a little big around my waist) and a tight fitting crop top from Newlook coupled with a pair of sandals (not trainers for once) and some jewellery. I just think that this outfit is really cute and it can either dress it down or dress it up maybe wearing heels and a nice jacket for dinner or date nights. It is such a versatile outfit which I love as the denim blue pretty much goes with any colour so I would switch around the crop tops every now and again to change it up. The crop top is so comfy as well and is the perfect fit. Overall I think this is my favourite outfit I wore on holiday as for me it ticked all the right boxes … coolness (yes), comfiness (yes), cuteness (yes). Exclaimer: I am not trying to say I look amazing and everyone should look like me, I am just simply stating how the outfit looks as a piece not on me but how it looks altogether.

Denim Skirt: Boohoo (Couldn’t find it on Topshop so found an alternative)  ~ £18.00
Crop Top: New Look, I got the white one but it does come in different colours ~ £6.99
Sandels: Newlook ~ £8.99
Necklaces: Primark ~ £3.00 for a pack of 4 chokers

I hope this gives you some inspiration for potential outfits if you are going away or even if you are just staying at home. If you have any questions or any comments about the outfits please feel free to share, maybe you would pair my skirt or playsuits with something different and I would love to hear about it. I had a fabulous time away and will hopefully be sharing little bits with you in some new posts coming out soon so don’t forget to follow us so you can keep up to date with the latest posts.


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