Book Review: The Last Girl

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As you may know if you have read our recent posts is that I have been on holiday in America which was amazing! I love going away as I find I have more inspiration and more time to read, as my phone would not work abroad without wifi and because of the time difference it was hard trying to contact people in England anyway. Before we went away I looked on Amazon, to see if their were any free good books out that I could download for my kindle, when I came across a free month trial of Kindle Unlimited (I’m all about that freebie life). I was looking down the charts when I came across the title ‘The Last Girl’. I do not know what drew me to it but I ended up reading the blurb about it and purchasing it along with the other two books in the trilogy series. I was utterly shocked that the first book I chose turned out to be one of the best series that I have ever read. So I thought I would review it today, trying not to give too many spoilers, so then hopefully some of you may be inspired to go and read it.

‘The Last Girl’ by Joe Hart | ♥♥♥♥♥ (There were no stars but my rating would be 5/5)51QUznf0TsL._SY346_

Well, well! What can I say about this book! For starters it literally has a bit of every single genre in. There is romance, adventure, comedy, violence, war, hope and along side all of those there are emotional moments that wanted to make me cry. The book also includes some debatable topics that are current in our lives today such as homosexuality, slavery and war. Although, you are probably all thinking now that this book sounds very heavy and not a very nice book, but I can only say that although some bits are moving and are hard to read the overall series is amazing and extremely captivating. Every chapter seems to end on a cliffhanger and although it makes it more exciting it is slightly annoying, as I would put off sleep so that I could know what all the cliffhangers were talking about. Now I am not a massive reader so reading three books in the space of two weeks is pretty rare. I just could not put down the book, it was too exciting. The first book, ‘The Last Girl’, is based in the future when a disease called the Dearth strikes earth leading to a shortage of female births hence leading to the extinction of the human race, as obviously you need women to keep populating the earth. A science facility named ‘NOA’ set up a prison type experiment where they hold women under the age of 21 there to carry out tests and find a way to cure the Dearth. The story mainly focuses on a young girl called Zoey who like most female leads is a strong, brave and loveable character who wants to leave the facility and find freedom within the new world. I would tell you more, but I don’t want to give anything away as the real excitement of this book is not knowing what will happen next or in the end. If you like not knowing everything at once then you will love this book as some information you may want to know in the first book you don’t find out until the third book! 

Another thing I really loved about this book is how it made me feel as a woman! There were parts where I felt so mad because of the way the women in the story were being treated. There was some romance which I enjoyed and made me appreciate the relationships that I have with people. It also enabled me to connect with the character better as I could completely understand the emotions Zoey was feeling. Most of the time, I actually felt empowered as woman. I felt brave, strong and realised that I should believe in myself more, respecting myself. 

All in all I would totally recommend this book. It has a bit everything in and keeps your attention for the whole of the three books. If you do end up reading/trying the book, please let me know your opinions on the book as would love to hear other peoples opinions on some of the events that happen in the book. 

Where can you find the book:
Paperback: Amazon ~ £4.99
Kindle: Amazon ~ £4.00
Kindle Unlimited: Amazon ~ £0.00


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