Botanics Product Review

One of the thing I tend to do rather rarely is try out new skin care brands, and since I am spending rather a lot of money on skin care at the moment, as I usually use Boot’s No7 brand, I have decided to try and find a cheaper alternative. With this in mind I have been scouring the shelves for a cheaper skincare brand, with hopefully a few more enticements. Botanics was the best range I’ve found so far. The brand is completely natural, with an organic plant based formulae. 

I only picked up a few pieces, but I have been using them for over a week now and have already noticed a huge change with my skin. I currently only have the Cleansing foam wash, refreshing Toning spritz and the refreshing Eye roll-on – which I use both morning and night. 
One of the staple items of my summer skin care routine is the foam wash. In summer, I like to leave behind the usual exfoliant wash and focus just on a deep foam cleanse, so this was a no brainer. It cost £5.49, which isn’t exactly the cheapest face wash, but its also bigger than others at 150ml and you always end up paying more for natural products. Its smells wonderful, as it is infused with Hibiscus, which I must say I love, and it is very smooth. The texture is slightly thicker than that of my usual face washes, but it foams up beautifully on wet skin.
As I say, I have been using this for about a week now and wasn’t expecting to see results, but since I’ve been using this I haven’t had a single break out and the problematic areas I had before I had used it has calmed down. I’ve also tried using an electrical cleansing brush with it and it works beautifully. Its super quick and my face feels clean and fresh afterwards, without feeling dry, tight or stripped. So far, Im actually really impressed with this wash, but I’ll be interested how it fare when my skin gets really bad.

Everyone always tells me how I really need to start using toner, because it makes a huge difference to your skin, but I’ve never really seen the point in it. I find toner a bit annoying to be honest, it uses up cotton pads which to me seems like a waste and I never find that it effects my skin much. This is totally different though. Because its a spray, there is no unnecessary waste, all it takes is a couple of sprays on your face and to let it dry. Honestly I feel like this actually works too. Im super impressed with this spritz. It also cost £5.49, which I feel like isn’t too bad for toner, especially since it is 100% organic.
Someone once told me that you should be careful putting things on your skin if you can’t recognise any of the ingredients on the back. Looking at the back of this toner there are 5 ingredients in the product, all of which are recognisable or certified organic compounds. For me this just reminds me of those old school home herbal recipes which everyone reverts back to because there is nothing better. I would definitely recommend this toner to anyone looking for a more natural skin care. Just going to add that it also smells amazing, since it is pretty much just rosewater!

Not everyone uses an under eye roll-on, but I have these very unfortunate dark circles beneath my eyes (thanks dad), so one of these is essential to my daily routine. In the past I’ve only used No7, so thats really my only comparison for this product. I can say however, that the metal ball is so relaxing a soothing, and it makes me want to just keep rolling the product under my eyes, despite me knowing I don’t need that much product. Similarly to the other two, it has a beautifully subtle scent, again of Hibiscus. If the effects aren’t enough to convince you, honestly the smell will be!
The formulae itself is also rather effective. In the one week I’ve been using it, I have started to notice a difference where I don’t have to wear as much concealer as before and some days I don’t need any at all. Though this product was a lot more expensive than the others, at around £11, I feel like its worth it if you get the result you want. 
I’ve found that all these products surpassed my expectations and the added bonus of them being organic and natural just makes me feel more confident. My only negative is that the prices were a little more than I originally wanted to spend, as they are defiantly not the cheapest. If you’ve tried these products or have some suggestions, let us know in the comments below, we always want to try new products and we love to hear from you!


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