Those Rainy Days

img_0149-e1501699277200-3Sometimes, life can be cruel. Every now and then sadness can creep in for no particular reason – despite everything in your life seemingly going the way you want it to. I like to call these days ‘down days’, or ‘rainy days’ when I feel ‘low’ and sad. I don’t want to call it depression, as it certainly isn’t that and depression is a much darker issue which has been dealt with by many far superior blogs in the past. No. These are the days which everything is going perfectly and then all of a sudden darkness hits you like a wave, or even like a bus on somedays. Like when your outside in the beautiful sun and suddenly, it begins to get rainy. Those days you wake up in the morning, look out the window and feel like you’re going to cry. And sometimes it can rain for seconds and other days can be so rainy that they last for weeks.
I know that when days like this hit me, I just feel like I want to cry and half the time it’s for no real reason. Maybe I’ll blame it on the fact that a friend didn’t text me back or that my parents didn’t say good morning to me right away, maybe I can’t even place it. The littlest of things can cause days were you are feeling low to feel even worse, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do.
On days like this it can be easy to forget that you are surrounded by people who love you and that you are lucky, in so many ways. Putting things in to prospective, can make everything feel better or everything feel much, much worse. Instead, we hope that these ideas can help you out on a down day.

No 1: Talk.

The best way to turn around any day is to sit and talk to someone. They could be a family member or a beloved friend, they could be someone who you just met on the bus who is just willing to listen – but talking to someone is without a doubt one of the best ways make you feel better. Even if they say nothing, just telling them can release you of troubles.
I find that on a down day not only does talking to someone help to make me feel a little better, but it tells them how you’re feeling. When I’m feeling low people can usually tell. I like to do things more on my own, or I’m far quieter than normal. Telling my parents that it’s because I’m feeling sad helps them and me. They wont get angry with me for acting like a ‘mopey teenager’ and usually will be a little more sympathetic. I have gotten somethings off my chest and feel less alone. Someone has listened to me. They understand and they are with me. Feeling lonely is one of the biggest emotions I get when I’m feeling low, so talking to anyone really helps. I find that not doing so, only makes me feel worse.

No 2: Understanding and acceptance.

I’m a problem solver. That’s who I am and who I will always be. One of the things that shake me out of my stupor is searching and understanding my emotions. When I do this, I usually go for a walk or sit down on my own outside – anywhere I can properly think without being interrupted.  I will walk, sit or lie there, and try to figure out what’s making me feel sad. Did someone say something? Did I do something that I regret or am upset about? Has something happened or is gong to happen that I’m upset about? All these thoughts go through my head and if I genuinely can not figure out what’s upsetting me, I put it down to hormones and get on with things – usually anyway.
When you’ve figured out what’s making you so down, you can go about trying to fix it. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself or dreading something yet to come, you can deal with the problem and if you can’t talk to someone who can.
I will say though, sometimes doing this makes me feel worse, so I can go half way there and decide that I can’t continue. This is generally the point when I go to talk to someone, usually my parents, or move on to something else. Distractions are the best way to avoid the feeling but, they don’t help fix it. Knowing your problems, identifying them, means you can face them.

No 3: Alone Time and Relaxing.

On a rainy day alone time can be both a blessing and a curse, and you should be careful as to how long you are alone. Loneliness is one of the leading reasons as to why we can get low (or for me at least), and though sometimes its nice when you’re feeling upset to go sit in your room and ‘get/hide away’, it can do more harm than good. 
Sometimes though, I know that when you are feeling down, you just want to be on your own. Thats okay too. Those minutes alone with your own mind can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. Relaxation is what you really may need. We are human beings, made of organic matter. We tire. In both our body and our mind. If you are constantly working one or the other, maybe even both, you will crash and it will crush you.
Relaxing, either on your own or with friends, can help as long as you are relaxing away from your troubles. I am no advocate for running away from your problems, but stepping back, getting some distance, can help put things into perspective. Get out a new book or a good action film (stay away from those sappy films that you always cry at, trust me on that) to keep you relaxed for the rest of the day. Maybe try a relaxing bath or a nap too. Your favourite music might help, or maybe even some retail therapy. Treat yourself and drag yourself out the mood.

No 4: Go for a walk.

As I’ve already said, being totally alone on a low day can be crushing and should only be done when people are the reason as to your sadness. You know, when someone won’t leave you alone, or is causing stress. Yet, every now and then, a walk alone with your thoughts, or if you have one, your dog, is exactly what you need.
I must say though, it doesn’t always work and thats okay, but sometimes it can really help to escape your problems and clear your head.

No 5: Time with some friends.

Getting together with your friends for five minutes, can change everything and some of your closest friends will know ways of cheering you up, that even you wouldn’t guess. So when you feel low, sometimes the best way to forget your worries is to call a friend and go out for a bit. You could go shopping, swimming, bowling or maybe you could just go to either one of your houses and just chill. Whatever you doing, you’ll find that spending time with others is a great way to cheer you up. Plus, they are likely to understand how you’re feeling. 
Down days strike whenever they feel like it, often with no warning and little consideration of daily life. I hope that this post helped to give you some ideas about how to deal with those down, rainy days and maybe gave you so perspective? You are so fortunate in so many wonderful ways, and though on those horrible days it can be hard to see, there is so much hope in life.
Let us know below what you do on the rainy days, maybe we can help some people out.




  1. aimsxoxx
    September 11, 2017 / 22:15

    What a beautiful post to read 💕 so glad I followed your blog. Xx

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