My 5 most used items at University.

IMG_0181-2-2We’ve already done a list of everything you need and everything you don’t need at University, which I have linked for you, but this is my list of my most used items. These are the items which I basically used on an everyday bases or I feel were the most worth their weight in gold. I struggled really hard to pick only 5 items, but i knew that I wanted to keep this list short and to the point, so enjoy and let me know what the 5 things you can’t live without are.

No. 1. Railcard

Okay, so not everyone who goes to university travels on a train everyday and I most certainly did not, but I got a 4 year free railcard with my student bank account and I could not have chose a better option. This little card saves me 1/3 on every trip I make, which can make those ever so expensive trips home, far more manageable. In fact, I can get a train home for £9 on some days, when it would usually be £20 or more. I can not tell you how useful these are, and though they may not be a reward this year, they can be bought from the station and are well worth it. I’ve put it in my number 1 spot because of how much money it saved me. I mean how nice is it to pop into the centre of the city for £1?

No. 2. Laptop

Many people would think this would have been my number 1, because well, it is my laptop and in this day and age people can’t really live without such technology. But no. Yes, my mac is an essential part of my uni life. I do my work on it, my essays, my notes and my lectures. Without a laptop, life at uni would be hard. Many of your assignments are digital, and your tutors expect a lot of your worked to be handed in online through Turn-it-in or at least written up on a computer. It is vital. But, it’s also how I avoid a lot of my work, hence the second place. The amount of TV shows I’ve binged using Netflix is insane. Speaking of watching TV on my laptop, my wireless speak has also been amazing. We used my laptop and the speaker for everything, especially for film night since my speakers were the best. 

No. 3. Trainers

Trainers aren’t only a good thing to have at uni. They are a necessity. At university, you will walk around. A lot. Comfortable shoes are a go to when you go out. I don’t mean out to a club, but when your out and about for the day, wondering around campus or in the city, the likelihood of you paying out for a taxi back is minimal. Towards the end of the year I finally invested in a pair of Nikes with a padded bottom and finally a pair of sketchers with air-foam dynamics, and Oh my gods!! It made such a difference compared to my previous thin-soled converse.

No. 4. A Dressing gown and Slippers

I can’t live without my dressing gown at uni. Honestly. Your at university for around 9 months a year, and a good 5 months of those will be in late Autumn and Winter. Translation, it will be cold in your room. A dressing gown is not only comfortable, but it will keep you warm when your heating doesn’t work or you don’t want to pay the extra cost for a warmer house. Also, when your in halls I can almost guarantee you that the fire alarm will go off at least once in the middle of the night, usually around 2-4am by a drunk student coming home for food. In my case, I had to run down 18 floors in my Pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown. Not fun. But without my dressing gown I would have been a thousand times colder in the -6 weather. 

No. 5. A decent Frying pan or Wok

 A decent frying pan or a wok can go a long way at university, it doesn’t matter if your on a meal plan or not. Pretty much anything can be cooked in one, especially stir-fries and egg fried rice, my staples. Without a large frying pan, you’re pretty limited in your cooking and I rely rather heavily on my pan to make some reasonable lunches, breakfasts and dinners.



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