Jenny’s August Favourites

What have I been loving in the month August … a lot! August has been a pretty good month because I have developed some new loves and obsessions ranging from make-up to food to Youtube. I know some of these favourites are a bit random but oh well they have just what I have been loving this month and obviously all opinions are my own and I am no expert but I hope this may bring some interest to you so lets get started …

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
I know I have already talked about this in my America Haul but honestly this palette is gorgeous. The colours are beautiful and in the light make you look like an angel from above. Each highlight gives you a gorgeous glow highlighting your face amazingly. My favourite two shades that I have been using are Snow (the top left hand corner of the palette) and Amber Gold (In the middle of the bottom row). I love the way they look on my face and glitter in the sun. I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a highlighter that stays on during the day and looks fabulous. The only downside is that this palette is quite expensive however, it is definitely worth the money. For those who don’t know, I brought this palette in America for half price so it was a no brainer for me whether to get it or not. I just love this palette and will definitely try more from the Anastasia range. I would really like to try the brow pomade as I have seen a lot of people hype about this product. 

2. Cheese on Toast
This is a very random favourite I know but wow I forgot how much I loved cheese on toast. It is the perfect snack and with a bit of ketchup and vegetables on the side, easily becomes my go to lunchtime staple. I love the taste of the cheese on the seeded brown bread along with the sharpness of the tomato ketchup making it a delight to eat. I love the melted cheese and the soft texture of it (just realised how weird this is all sounding). It is just amazing and because lately I have been working so haven’t had much time to make my lunch, cheese on toast has been a life saver as it is quick to make and fills me up enough to last me a whole 6 hour shift. So cheese on toast gets a massive thumbs up from me this month and I will definitely continue eating this in September … just too good not too haha!! 

3. How I Met Your Mother e5a24b98-aafb-4ef0-8325-85a3758362a0
Another thing I have been loving this August is HIMYM. I have seen HIMYM before but in dribs and drabs. I had seen several episodes revolving round on E4 but had never ever seen the episodes consecutively so when I found myself on a Sunday evening feeling a bit low, I decided to put on HIMYM as I knew it was an easy, light watch. I have been really enjoying ever since then and am on my way to the fifth series and I have only been watching it for the last 3 weeks (baring in mind I have been working in these weeks as well). I really love the banta in the program and although it can never beat Friends (in my opinion) it is a good funny program with some moments that I have laughed out loud too. I love the development of the characters through the show and the different romances that occur between the main characters. The show, for those of you who don’t know, revolves around the lives of five people; Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin and Barney. The nine series explore the story of how Ted met the mother of his two children hence why the program is called HIMYM. I love the way the series is filmed with them constantly linking in episodes and showing flashbacks making the whole series run very smoothly flowing in and out of each episode. I would definitely recommend this program to those of you who like an easy, light watch with a side of romance and comedy. 

4. Nike Roshe 2 
Yes, I have already mentioned these in my America Haul Post but these are the only shoes I have been wearing in August. They are super comfy oh my gosh. It’s like my feet are walking on little pillows every time I take a step. I can actually walk for a considerable amount of time without my feet feeling like they are going to drop off … yay!! For those of you who like being comfy these are the shoes for you. They look great and can be put with any outfit and still look hella cool. I do have a pair of Roshe One’s as well which are just as comfy just not as new looking haha! So yes, If you like comfortable shoes seriously consider buying these. They aren’t cheap but for the price I think they are worth it. They last for ages and are so so comfortable you will definitely not regret spending the money on these shoes. 

5. IOS11 Beta 
Image-1For those of you who have iPhone’s you may know that you can sign up and be a part of the beta program for the new iOS 11. All you have to do is go through the apple website, sign up your device and download the software like you would a normal software update. After my brother did this, I then decided to do it myself and have been really impressed so far with how smooth and fluid the new iOS 11 is. The overall look has a more simple, minimalistic feel to it which I love and the new app store logo looks great amongst all the other apps as well. My favourite thing about the iOS 11 beta is the transitions between apps and the home screen. The way the apps open and close is a lot more fluid than iOS 10 (in my opinion) and gives the overall feel of a faster, cleaner iPhone. If you are interested in trying out the beta iOS 11 then visit this link although, I think iOS 11 will be out soon so there might not be much point but if you do then follow this link: iOS 11 Beta Program.


6. Clinique 1.2.3 Skincare RoutineProcessed with VSCO with s2 preset
My Grandma recently got given a Clinique 1.2.3 mini tester kit which she then passed on me as she doesn’t really use Clinique skincare and I am so glad she did because I have been loving their skincare. Although I have a mixture of oily and dry skin, my Grandma got given a set for very dry skin. In the kit was a make-up remover (which I already had), a clarifying lotion and a moisturiser. I already have the make-up remover and so I already knew how well this make-up remover worked. It is an oil based remover which I didn’t think I would like but it actually is amazing at taking off all my make-up and you only need to use a small amount (this depends on how much make-up you wear though) in order to take off most of your make-up. So I normally use two cotton pads worth of the make-up remover followed by a cotton pad worth of the clarifying lotion which oh my word is insane. It is the same consistency of a normal toner and removes all the dry skin from my face leaving my face feel super soft. I then top my skincare off with one pump or the moisturising lotion + which is a cream soaking into my skin really nicely. Overall I have been really impressed and have found that my skin feels a lot smoother and surprisingly does not make my face feel any more oily. Although Clinique is quite expensive, I think it is worth the money and it does last a long time so if you are looking for a high end skincare routine then I would definitely recommend Clinique Skincare. August has definitely been a month of clearing up my skin. 

IMG_23607. My Handbag
My new love! Oh my goodness I love my handbag. So before I purchased this bag, I had been using my little rucksack from New Look which I love but I found that when I went shopping or went on day trips it was a tiny bit too small. I have been looking for a handbag for ages but because I am really picky I found it really hard to find the ‘perfect’ handbag until a few weeks ago when I went into River IMG_2359Island and immediately fell in love with this bag. It is a shoulder bag and has a gorgeous fake leather beige side with a softer grey side which I love. It has two inside pockets with a variety of smaller pockets inside (including a small zip pocket to store all your knick knacks). The bag cost me £34.00 which I thought was an excellent price for such a gorgeous bag. I have had it for a few weeks now and it does not show any marks of wear and tear even though some days I have over stuffed it with things (typical me). If you are looking for a new handbag, then I would definitely recommend River Island as I find there bag and purse range really good and reasonably priced too. Literally I haven’t taken this bag off during August! 

Handbag: River Island ~ £34.00

8. Emily Canham
The final thing that I have been enjoying this August is the Youtuber Emily Canham. I find her makeup videos really good and detailed. I have been re-watching some of her previous makeup videos where she does reviews on specific brands which I find very useful as I am not an expert in makeup and even though she is only giving her own views, I find it really useful to hear what a normal young adult feels about the makeup brand. I also love her makeup looks … her eyes … oh my gosh so jealous! If you haven’t checked her out already I would definitely recommend giving her a go as she is in the process of moving out and I love moving vlogs (always look forward to a good ikea haul every now and again … i am obsessed with Ikea) also her makeup videos are really good and she does give her honest opinions. Since watching her Tarte makeup video, I really want to try out some Tarte makeup as they are actually quite reasonably priced and supposedly have good quality makeup. 

August has been a great month with a lot of things happening. I hope you all had a great August and enjoyed the last month of Summer .. even though the english summer weather has been quite questionable! Feel free to comment below what you have been loving this past month as I need to try and find some new favourites for September, a month of change! 



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