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fullsizeoutput_3089I love films! Recently I have been on a few trips to the cinema to see some awesome films that must be shared with you all as they really are worth the time and effort to go and watch. I have also been loving Netflix and Now TV (thanks to the free trial) making my way through all the films and TV series that the two internet streaming websites have. I thought I would write a post reviewing some of the films that I have recently seen. Just a head ups, these are all my own opinions and in no way shape or form am I an expert of films so please if you do disagree feel free to comment below, it would be great to hear what you think of the following films I am going to review.

1. Spider-man: Homecoming | ★★★★✩
Okay … I loved this film! I love Tom Holland so the fact that he was chosen to be Spider-man just made me love this film even more. I thought he brought so much to the role making me fall in love with Spider-man even more. Even before this film, Spider-man was my favourite superhero so I was really intrigued to see how this film portrayed the Spider-man that I already loved from the previous two Spider-man movie sets. This film is set after ‘Civil War’ where Spider-man helps Iron Man battle Captain America’s team. It follows Spider-man’s life after the battle and focuses on the idea of Spider-man wanting to fight for himself and get involved with saving the world. There is a baddie as usual and a girl who Spider-man likes so it is a typical Spider-man film but I still really enjoyed it and loved seeing Spider-man grow through the typical teenage life. It was a very enjoyable film and in my personal opinion I preferred it to the first Spider-man films. I would definitely recommend this film if you like Marvel or if you want an easy watch on a duvet day. 

2. Baby Driver | ★★★★★
This film was not what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be a pretty average action packed film but I was so wrong. It was a highly enjoyable and exciting action packed film with some enjoyable car chase scenes with an awesome soundtrack. I am not normally one to watch action packed films as I find them predictable and too intense but this film (in my opinion) was not predictable at all. I love the fact that it wasn’t predictable and that the main character in the film developed his personality throughout the film making it highly entertaining as you had no idea how he was going to respond or react. The film is based on the driver who is given the nickname Baby as he is a get away driver for criminals so is given a nickname. He listens to music as he was involved in a car accident when he was younger meaning that ever since he constantly hears a ringing in his ear. To drown out that ringing he listens to music which then forms the soundtrack of the whole movie which I think is really cool and makes this film stand out against all the other films I have seen recently. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to try something new or go and watch an exciting, thrilling film which is a little bit different to all the typical romantic, action packed films out there. 

3. Sausage Party | ★✩✩✩✩
Umm I seriously don’t even know where to begin with this review. This film was an experience haha! Probably the weirdest film I have ever watched in my life. It follows the story of food that is alive and they believe that the Gods (Human beings) take them to the happy afterlife after they are chosen off the supermarket shelves. They then find out that they are actually killed and eaten and so the main sausage ‘Frank’ tries to warn people that the afterlife isn’t as happy as they all thought. Anyway, the rest of the film is the story of him trying to warn the food and become an item with his lover ‘Brenda’ who is a sausage bun. Throughout this film there are a lot of innuendos and sex references which is weird because it is all food saying the references. Not only that but there is a whole sex scene between all the foods at the end with some very inappropriate lines. It really messed with my brain though as although it was a sex scene with inappropriate one liners it was between animated food … haha! Although it was rather rude and a very weird film, it did have some funny one liners which is why it is getting one star. I would say that unless you really want to watch a crude comedy about animated food coming alive then I think it is okay to skip over this film and never watch it. Oh well, it was an experience and one I probably unfortunately will never forget haha! 


4. Girl’s Trip | ★★★★✩
This was hilarious! For those who don’t know, this film came out around a month ago and features four woman who go away on a holiday as they haven’t hung out together in a few years. It also focuses on each of the four women individually making you aware of all their personal lives as well as their holiday together which I really enjoyed too as they are all interesting characters with different personalities. Although there is a short 10 second clip involving full male nudity, the film is so funny and made me cry of laughter several times. It is a great pick me up film with quite a few disgusting/crude jokes which made me laugh a lot. The whole theme of friendship running through the film was good too and made me appreciate the friends I have a lot more. I would definitely recommend this film for those of you who want to watch an upbeat film about four ladies with big personalities take a holiday where lots of things happen and lots of funny memories are made. This film is also a really great film to see with friends maybe at a sleepover or something. 

5. A Dog’s Purpose | ★★★✩✩
Okay so I know this is a bit of a weird film but I actually really enjoyed this film, even though it made my eyes water a few times. The whole premises of this film is based around the consciousness of this dog and how every time he dies, he comes back as another dog with a different life to live then the one before. He goes through different owners and becomes different breeds and each time he is a dog he has a different and fun story to tell which I think is really sweet. The thing that got me in this film though is every time he would pass away my heart would melt! I can’t handle it … a bit like Marley and Me (that film made me sob). Even though it was sad every now again, it was a really sweet film and made my heart melt on several occasions (especially seeing the puppies). It was a nice watch and a lovely film to see. I would recommend this film to all those dog lovers out there or even if you just want to watch a relaxing film about a dog then this is the film for you. Although do be warned if you find it hard watching dogs pass on then just beware because there are like 30 second clips of the dog passing away … but he comes back to life as a new dog so its all good. 🙂

So there you have it! Five film reviews of recent films I have seen and would recommend/not recommend you go and see … haha! I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope it has inspired you to go and watch a few of these films. Also, I would love to hear your opinions on the films above or maybe you have seen a good film lately that I should go and see, please let me know in the comments below or email us as we would love to hear from you. 


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