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IMG_0167-2For the last couple of months I’ve had my eye on Apples new iPad Pro. To be honest, Jenny mentioned it too me back in June when we went shopping, noting how brilliant it would be for university lectures. I’ve had it on my mind since, so when I saw on UniDays that Apple were having a deal, where you get a free pair of Beats, I jumped at the chance. 
I ordered a gold iPad Pro 10.5”, in gold with 256GB, as well as the white Apple pen and the Gold wireless Beats. Since it was free, I also got an engraving which is one of my favourite Harry Potter quotes, “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve“. It does annoy me that you can’t have a long quote and that it appears at the top in the most basic font, but I also love the idea. It just makes it more personal. I also went for the over ear headphones, rather than the ear buds, which meant that I did have to pay for them – but they were so much cheaper than usual at £97 rather than £300. My order arrived promptly the next day, and oh my gods I was so excited! Opening that box was the most exciting thing, and when I looked down and saw all the shiny new boxes – I just can’t explain. 
IMG_0228-2The iPad was easy and prompt to set up, as most Apple devises are. It only took me maybe half an hour to have everything sorted. The screen is huge too! Now bare in mind Im used to my tiny 5 year old iPad Mini, so this 10.5″ screen was a massive change. The resolution is incredible too, perfect HD. I am so glad that I got the 10.5″ though, the 12.9″ would be to big. Its super slim and weighs practically nothing compared to the older models. I really didn’t even want to get a case, but i was so scared to even scratch it. 
I can’t not mention the new features; my favourite of which is the ability to continue doing other things on the iPad, while still watching a video – this is amazing with netflix and youtube! Streaming any video is amazing on it, especially with its four-speaker sound. It has not disappointed!
You may have noticed that I also bought the apple pen. This was vital for me, since I really needed to be able to write my notes quickly in a lecture. The packaging is really sleek, I actually still have it to keep the charger and spare nib safe, and everything is placed so well. Thats one of the reasons why I love Apple. The pen itself is like the packaging; sleek and clean and I love using it. It makes everything very easy to do, the only thing I don’t like to use it for is typing. I can draw with it too, which is so relaxing. Plus, because I’m a student I got a huge discount on it –  mean like 25% off for some reason? 
The Beats headphone are some that I have seen around uni thousands of times. If you’re sitting in the library, I can guarantee you will see at least one person wearing these around you somewhere. I got to admit, though I have some lovely, sleek red ones which I got from my parents a couple of years ago, I did get a little jealous when I saw all these people wandering around without a wire. So when I got the opportunity, I kinda went for it. And Oh my goodness! The gold is so beautiful and I love the wireless factor. It did take me a while to figure out how to work them properly, but I’m so glad I got them. They work beautifully with my phone and the sound is brilliant.
I must admit, my purchase was a little spur of the moment, but it was probably one of the best buys I’ve made since my mac. Honestly, I would really suggest the iPad pro, especially for note taking at university – its a brilliant device. I absolutely love every aspect of it! What do you guys think of apple products, are you an Apple person or a Samsung?



  1. October 16, 2018 / 05:01

    I’ve been eyeing up the pro since it came out and debating whether to take the plunge or not, I also have the old ipad mini that I love, but the pro just seemed better for what I want to use it for. Definitely going to look into it more now! Thanks for the review, my purse might hate me, but it’ll be worth it in the end….

    • lifeaccordingtous
      October 20, 2018 / 12:53

      I found that it was definitely worth the money! I use it literally everyday and I love it so much. I think it’s perfect for work, I’ve used it for everything from translating hieroglyphs to making notes in lectures – H x

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