Moving In Day Tips.

IMG_8272Moving in day is just around the corner, and I remember when I was moving in to University, I was terrified. I was really nervous about the whole process and there was next to nothing about the actual process online. Hopefully this post will do the one thing we really needed, but never got. There is so little about what moving in to university is actually like, and what you need. We hope this will fill the void and help you out.

No. 1 Wear Something Comfortable.

During moving in day, you will be lugging things around most the time and the rest of it will be spent sitting in a car, so make sure you’re comfortable. I went for a loose tank top and jeans with a hoody and converse trainers. This turned out the be a good decision as I was comfortable, but still looked reasonable. Wear whatever you feel comfortable, but just stay away from heals and short skirts, they will not be your friend.

No. 2 Arrive Early.

When you move in, you want enough time to get everything and settle in comfortably, so you want to arrive early – preferably in the morning. My moving in slot was for 10.30, which proved to be perfect time, as I unloaded the car and spent the afternoon make my room comfortable. The longer you have the settle in, the easier your first night will be. It will also be less rushed. Thats not to say you should arrive at 7am. Arriving to early will not be comfortable. Make sure you get enough sleep and are refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

No. 3 Accept help.

Most universities will be prepared for the huge amount of people moving in on one day and will have people around to help. Some will have trolleys for you things and some will have huge crates on wheels. Accept their help! I cannot tell you how hard it is to carry all your things up to your flat on your own. So if someone offers to help you, take it. If they aren’t volunteers and are just nice people from your year, you’ve made your first friend like that.

No. 4 Follow the guidelines given by the university.

When you get your accommodation, you will be sent a bunch of guideline for moving in day. They will tell you when to arrive, where to pick up your keys, what you will need to collect your keys and what else needs to know. I would suggest you read this and learn it, or print it off. Make sure you’ve done everything you need to too. On the drive up to halls, I got so nervous, and going through everything I needed to do help relax me so much. It also means that you won’t have a problem getting into your halls. The last thing you want is to be standing there with all your things around you with nowhere to go.

No. 5 Use your doorstop.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, so I won’t go into too much detail, but leaving your door open is so good in the first few days. On moving day, not only is it more convenient, but its helpful as you can hear and see when your flatmates arrive. Be sociable and meet new people.

No. 6 Don’t Let your parents stay.

I know its hard and probable sounds really unkind, but ask your parents to leave as soon as you can. Yes, let them stay long enough to feel comfortable leaving you, but don’t let them stay too long and definitely not over night (some do that). My parents decided to go really soon after I was in my room, which was a huge shock (my mum was really upset), but for the best. I knew that if my mum stuck around she would cry and then I would cry, so when they left only an hour or so after I was in my room I felt sad but not awful. However, Jenny’s parents went after Jenny actually told them she was ready for them to go as all her flatmates were in the kitchen and she wanted to go in and meet them all. The longer you keep them around the worse it will get. Let them help you settle, but don’t let them hang around. To be honest, just get your parents to go whenever you feel ready to be left alone and yes although this can get harder the longer they stay with you, everyone is different and you dont want to be left feeing

No. 7 Make your room yours. 

After your parents have left, spend some time making this room comfortable and your own. If you settle down for the night, the first night you’re at university, in a room which looks like a half built¬†hotel room , you will not be comfortable and your sleep will be disturbed. This is going to be your home for the ext 9 months or so, so make it comfortable. Bring out the cushions and the throws, put up the photos and take some time over it. Get it a point that your comfortable with, even if you still have a few things in bags or suitcases. I spent a good couple of hours in my room, putting things on my shelves and figuring out where I wanted stuff. Once you’re comfortable you can wonder around and get to know the area, but if your flat mates are around I would suggest getting to know them first. Go sit this them in the kitchen and have a chat, or help them put up some pictures. It will make all the difference.

No. 8 Don’t forget to eat.

I was so guilty of this the first day, and by the time I wondered down for food it was past dinner time and I was starving. Eating is definitely not the first thing on your mind on move in day. Before you leave your nervously packing the car and rushing around like crazy and when you arrive there is so much to do, its easy to forget. But it is really important to eat during the day. Maybe stop unpacking for a little bit and wonder down to get some food. You’ll find that once you’ve eaten things will be far easier.

No. 9 Meet your flatmates.

As our final tip for move in day, this is by no means the least important. Sometimes when you move in to your new flat, you’ll be the first there and sometimes you’ll be the last. Either way it is just as important to meet the people you are living with as it is to be comfortable, and by all means the two come hand in hand. The last thing you want is to become a recluse in your own home. So open your door and make time to sit and talk with your flat mates. Help them out with stuff and join in when they go out to do things. One of the best ways to get to know them is to eat with them on the first night. if you’re on the meal plan, wonder down with them to the cafeteria, or if its not open yet, to the nearest pub. And if you’re self catered cook a meal together. Making friends with flatmates is so important, but if you don’t get on that’s okay too. It happens, just try and remain civil. You don’t have to be the best of friends, I certainly wasn’t with my flatmates, but make sure to always stop and say hi if you can. It will make things so much easier.
Remember that university will be the best experience if you get involved and meet new people, its one of my favourite things about university. So on move in day don’t worry too much, and remember, everyone is in the east same ship as you. They don’t know anyone either, in fact some may have come halfway across the world to study at your university. So don’t be nervous and enjoy move in day. It will be worth it.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know int he comments below, and let us know what your the most excited for at University.



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