Remembering Freshers week 2016

So Freshers week 2017 is coming up and I can’t help but remember my own Freshers week last year. I’ve got to admit, I was so nervous, but I really shouldn’t have been. Freshers week was one of the best university experiences for me. Its when I met most of my friends and got into the majority of my extra curricular, but most importantly, its when I developed my confidence. Before coming to university, the whole idea of going out with people to a club was so unappealing, it made me feel nervous and it wasn’t something that sounded fun. Over freshers, I got used to the idea of going out, meeting new people and going to new places. Its when I finally felt comfortable. 

So this is my general freshers experience, or the bits I can remember anyway…

Day 1: Moving in Day.

I moved into University on Saturday 17th of September, at around 11am. I won’t go into too much detail, because we’ll do a whole other post on our moving in experiences. But, I will talk about the evening, because this was a huge point for me. The night of my moving in day, I had no idea what I was doing. Only one of my flatmates had moved in but, he went off with a college friend so I was left totally alone. I was on meal plan for my first year and it didn’t kick in until the monday, so I had to get creative when it came down to dinner. I put it off for ages, and then around 7 o’clock, I was starving. I had forgotten to eat, so I was running on a very small sandwich that I ate at 1.
So I wondered down to the student bar and managed to get the worse hot dog I’ve ever had in my life. When I sat down to eat it, I watched all the new students wondering around in twos or flats. I was feeling a little low and lonely to be honest. Thats when a girl and her boyfriend came up to me and asked if I was alone, if so did I want to join them. I was really tempted to say ‘No, its alright’, to go back and settle down early, but I’d made a promise to myself that morning – say yes and meet new people. So I said yes. That little word turned my night upside down. They took me to this table surrounded by at least 20 people, all of which I talked to. I did the usual ‘Hi, I’m Hana. Nice to meet you. What are you studying?’ and this went on for a little bit until I got to know loads of new people.
Half an hour later I was sitting in a guys studio apartment with everyone talking and watching people play Cards against humanity. I only left at 1am, when some of the people I had really clicked with did, so we could chat on the way to our flats. It was easily one of the best nights of Freshers though and I met so many people. It really changed my attitude and I was so excited about the next few days. Since I’ve probably kept in contact with about 3 of them, but I met so many different people. Some were from Dubai, and some from London and one happened to be my neighbour and was in the flat opposite me for an entire year!

Day 2: Sunday.

So the next day I let myself have a lie in and gave myself time to get comfortable. I wanted to make sure that my room was my own, so I spent much of the day sorting it out, putting up pictures and rearranging things until I was happy. At around lunch time, I realised that I had no food. So I wondered to the bus stop, which my mum had found the day before, and I waited for a bus. At the bus stop I met another girl and we wondered around Morrisons together. I haven’t seen her since and I can’t even remember her name, but everyone is so willing to make friends that on the first few days everyone is your friend. She even lent me some money for the bus, since they were ridiculous and only accepted the exact change – yeah still annoyed about that. Anyway, the rest of my day was pretty much sorting things out. Another of my flatmates arrived and we sat and talked, we also had dinner together in the flat and basically got comfortable.

Day 3: Monday

Okay, so on Monday freshers week really began. he rest of my flat mates arrived and we did all the admin, making the flat rules and stuff like that – our university encouraged this, but we never kept to any of them. It was the first day of the meal plan so we all went down for dinner together, which was nice but we never did it again. I also went down in the evening with the other girls to the Mocktails and Casino night, which was a bit of a bust so we went upstairs to watch a film and that was basically the end of day 3.

Day 4: Tuesday

On Tuesday, which was day 4 for me, I had the compulsory course stuff. Meeting my tutor, getting our first assignments and meeting my tutor group. I actually really enjoyed this process to be honest. We started off by going to a big meeting in the lecture theatre, where they announced our tutor groups and our course outline. After the meeting, which was maybe 40 minutes maximum, we split off and wondered off to our tutors office. It was there we got to talk to our tutor, who basically outlined the assignment we would be doing to with him and we got to meet our tutor group. Myself and 2 of the girls from my tutor group went and got lunch together afterwards, which would soon become a tradition, and I then wondered off to freshers fair.
Freshers fair is the pinnacle of Freshers week. It is basically where you go to look at the stalls of events you’ll probably never go to and products you’ll never buy. But you get a tonne of free stuff, most of which is actually useful, and that 1 still you miss will probably be the one you’ll need. It’s also a really social event, and is amazing fun. Well worth a visit. In fact I agreeed to go to the next day with one of my friends. The thing with the Freshers fair is that every day is sloghtly different so it’s definitely worth going at least once or twice.

Day 5: Wednesday

Wednesday was the day I met my closest friends and would soon become the best day of Freshers week for me. It started slowly, with me and my friend meeting outside our accommodation and wondering down to the Freshers fairy together. Fresh fair, as I have already stated, is brilliant for free stuff and cheap pizzas, so we ended up getting lunch together and chilling. I spent the rest of my day wondering around and exploring campus, before wondering back to my flat for the afternoon.
I had prebooked dinner that night, so I said good bye to my flat mates and wondered back onto campus to the meeting point. Oh I should mention that it was a £5 buffet Chinese dinner! I was really excited, but also nervous as I was completely alone. The whole way down I wondered behind these three girls who were clearly going to the same thing, but I was too nervous to talk to them – so I walked slowly behind them, careful not to get too close. I signed in when I got there and waited alone for a bit, until  another girl arrived on her own so I started to talk a little bit with her. To be honest she was really rude, but I didn’t want to be on my own so I kept talking to her and got on the bus with her. At this point I could see the other three girls talking to the boy in charge and eventually 2 got on and the other waved and walked away. It looked like she had forgotten to book – which happened to be the case, which I would learn later.
I ended up talking to another girl when we got to the restaurant and by pure luck I sat opposite the other two girls. And we talked. I would see the other girl, the one I sat next to at the restaurant, a few more times but we didn’t really get close. But the 2 sitting opposite me I really clicked with. We talked about our courses and one of them, Niamh, was super interested in my own course, so I talked all about the Greek gods and goddess to her for ages and by 10, we were feeling pretty full, so we left together. We got the train back together and wondered back to the vale, where Niamh went home and I decided to go back to Emily’s (the other girl) for a game of cards. It was there I met the girl who had to walk back because she forgot to book and guy, who would also become yet another of my closest friends. In fact that was the start. We played card games all night, some which got rather violent, and I finnaly went home free agreeing to meet up with them again.

The rest of freshers passed in much the same way, with me meeting new people each day and finding new things I enjoyed. I spent practically every night at my friends flats playing cards and didn’t get in until past 1 am each morning. Anyway, I’m going to end this post here since its getting so long and rambly – plus the rest of the week was mostly uneventful. 
I hope this post gave you some clearer ideas of what the first few days of freshers is like and that it helped to quell any fears you may or may not have. If you were to take anything at all from this ridiculously long post, I would hope that you do these three things.

  1. Say yes and dive right in.
  2. Go out and try new things.
  3. Meet you new people and smile – you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Have you gone through any life changing events recently or have any worries about any coming up? Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear from you!




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