Stepping Stones around Europe

Sitting in my room here at university, looking out at the torrential rain currently pouring right now, its hard to believe that only a week ago (at the time of writing) I was running around Europe with my friends. Now that I’m back, I am so excited for autumn and the cosy afternoons that come with it. But at the same time, I am missing my trip. The warm sun and the amazing new places. 
We each flew out, either in pairs or separately, on the 21st of August to Amsterdam. The first day was honestly a bit of blur and I won’t go into each day separately as I just want this to be a photo diary more than anything, especially since each place I went to was so stunning.
Our other locations in Europe included, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Milan and Paris. We finish our tip in Paris, since one of our friends already lived there anyway and we wanted to go when less people would be there. Luckily enough, we were lucky enough that everywhere we went was quiet enough that we got to see so much.

In each place we walked and walked, doing no less than 8 miles everyday. We saw amazing things. Europe is full of such wonders! Since we went with a small, student budget we focused on walking around to see things. Most of the time we ended up in the middle of nowhere, on a street unknown. 

It was an adventure of a life time and I want more than anything to do it once again. I must admit though, I loved Venice and Budapest more than I loved anywhere else. The food in Budapest and those secret undiscovered passageways in Venice were unlike anything. As well as the people.

IMG_1446IMG_1464IMG_1738IMG_1545IMG_1675I have always be so lucky in my life, to have travelled excessively for someone of my age. I have seen some amazing things and I must say that I have become rather addicted to the whole process. It excites me a trills me. Going inter-railing, or backpacking as some like to call it, was one of the best things I could have ever done and though it went by so quickly, I would do it again at every opportunity. And yes, it wasn’t what I would call a relaxing holiday to recharge your batteries, but it was so much better. 



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