8 places I want to go.

Traveling for me is all about the food, the culture and the change of pace. I love going away to places I’ve never been before and exploring a whole new side of life. In my life I have been extremely lucky to have been able to travel to many different places in my time, which I fear has only made me want to travel further. Here is my list of 8 places I really want to travel to.
Hong Kong, China
One of the top reasons I love to travel is the difference cultures and new food. That is why Hong Kong is definitely up there is my list. Since its one of the major culinary capitals of the world, I have to visit. Even though it is mostly commercialised now, I am still desperate to see China, and Hong Kong seems like a brilliant place to start.
Mykonos, Greece
I have seen so many people go to this insanely beautiful place and I can’t help but add it to my bucket list. The beautiful white beaches and crystal clear seas make a stunning horizon, and it makes for a relaxing change of pace. I could honestly relax all day in the sun here and can you imagine the photos? 
So my parents went to Australia a good few years ago now, and I remember the amazement I had when they returned with their photos and stories of snorkelling along the Great Barrier Reef. Now, a lot of my school friends have gone there for their gap year or for summer backpacking travels, and the experience seems amazing. I would love to explore the great down under.
São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo is one of those places that I’ve always wanted to go to, yet never have. I have some family out in Brazil and they always come to visit with amazing tales of life back home. That, combined with the amazing festivals, the vibrant night-life and of course, the sun, all combine to make this a solid addition to my little list.
When I was 11, my parents took me to Orlando, Florida to experience Universal, Disneyland and so many others. And it was amazing! Recently Jenny also went and she had an equally brilliant time, which you can see hereI loved America when I went and I would love the opportunity to explore more of the country. New York and San Fransisco are in my top 2, but there are many other places I would love to see.
Phuket, Thailand 
Phuket is a huge student destination, and I would love to visit it while I could still enjoy it as a student. Again it is one that some of my school friends have visited, inspiring me to add it to my little list. The food, the culture, the beautiful views, it all makes for an amazing holiday destination that I would hate to miss.
I have been lucky in my life to have already traveled to Malaysia and it is by far my absolute favourite place to have ever been. The food was insanely cheap, but easily the best food I have ever had. All the temples were stunning and the difference between Malaysia and England… Its worlds away. I would love to go back, to any of the places I’ve not yet been, or back to Penang or Singapore (I know not technically Malaysia).
The Maldives 
The Maldives is the kind of place you hear the stories about and the photos and you dream about going to, yet never do. I really wish I get the chance to go. A perfect holiday in  place so beautiful that the boats float on water so clear its almost not there. Staying in huts over the sea and as far away from the outside world as you can get just seems like the perfect escape.
What were your favourite places to visit? Where do you want to go next? I would love to hear from you and make my own list grow.

None of the photos pictured above are my own, they all belong to their respective photographers.


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