A day in my life at Uni

FullSizeRenderI’ve seen so many of these on YouTube since their so popular, and since I don’t have a YouTube account (well yet) I thought I would do a written version. So here is my little day in the life, where I’ll go through my daily routine. Since every one of my days are completely different to the others, I’ve picked the day where I’m the most busy, Tuesday.

7:00 am – Wake up, get up and have a shower. Generally get ready, by getting dressed, brushing my hair and making myself presentable.

7:30 am – Make my way downstairs to have breakfast, usually crumpets with Nutella (I know its a little peculiar). This is when I usually see everyone else getting up and getting ready, and its when we tend to chat and catch up.

8:00 am – At this point I tend to head back up stairs and brush my teeth and get my last things ready to go. I like to leave slightly earlier than most on a Tuesday so that I’m not late.

8:30 am – At this point I leave the house. In this temperature, I tend to put on my boots, my fluffy parker and a scarf when I walk in. It usually takes me around 20 minutes to walk in and once in I like to sit in the common area outside the lecture room to go over some notes.

9:00 am – First lecture of the day, Ancient Egyptian language. This goes on for about an hour, usually a little less and its a rather complex lecture so I tend to stay after for a few minutes to complete my notes or ask any questions I need to, before I leave and head home.

 10:15 am – At this point, I tend to have arrived home by this time. I have a 6 hour gap between my two lectures of the day, so I do head home, rather than go to the library which I usually do. I tend to work pretty solidly until lunch time from here. Ill either do the work I’ve been set from the lecture I’ve just had or work on prep for my next one.

12:30 pm – Lunch time. Lunch for me varies from left overs, to soup or something quick and easy. This Tuesday I had a stir-fry, while today I made some quick fajitas. Its down to both, what I have in my fridge and what I fancy.

1:30 pm – Back to work at this point, I like to spend time doing some reading for my afternoon lecture at this point and work on anything else I get time for.

3:30 pm – 3.30 means I have to leave for my afternoon lecture. I tend to meet a friend on the way and we walk up to our lecture together which is a really long one. We like to talk about our readings and research in advance, so that we can talk about things we struggled with.

4:00 pm – Lecture number two. This lecture is two hours long and is on Ancient Egyptian Literature. Its another complex one and my lecturer tends to talk really quickly so it can be hard to keep up, so the time goes really quickly.

5:55 pm – Its now a rush to get home since I have to leave again by 7:15.

6:15 pm – I usually arrive back around here, and I always feel really rushed to get ready and have food so I tend to rush around and eat something I her prepared in advance. This week I had stroganoff which I cooked the day before with rice which was so good and quick. I will quickly go up and get changed into my sports gear. Because I always rush, I always end up ready way in advance, since there was no point in me rushing at all.

7:10 pm – The whole house leaves at this point and we walk to the sports centre together.

7:30 pm – From 7.30 to 9.30, my house and I take part in Ninjitsu, which is a self defence art from Japan. I started tis, this year and so far I’m loving it. I’m not very good at it, but its really making me feel very fit and I feel very active doing it. Afterwards we tend to head to the pub for a bit and then head home.

11:00 pm – By the time we’ve been to the pub and walked home, its usually at least 11 or later, but I’ve gone with 11 for this purpose since its the average time we tend to arrive home. At this point of the year, we usually put on The Great British Bake Off or a film.
The rest of the day is relaxed and I usually go to bed after whatever we’re watching and chill out for getting some sleep around 12.30 am.

I hope you enjoyed my little ‘a day in my life’, I know its rather different to how most people do it, but hopefully it gives you a little inside into my life. Let me know what you think below in the comments, and whats your favourite part of your day?



  1. March 13, 2018 / 09:40

    Your university courses sound so tough yet interesting! I love literature so much! Its nothing less than fascinating

    • March 16, 2018 / 14:09

      I know it’s really interesting isn’t it! I love my course and yes at times it can be tough. But most my housemates do Nuclear engineering and oh my goodness, it’s nothing compared to that x

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