Last Goals of 2017.

As the end of 2017 creeps nearer and Christmas peaks at us from around the corner, I’ve started to reflect on my goals for this year. Some I’ve already achieved, like traveling without my parents and get healthier and more active. Others are still on my list and are about constant improvement and work. But thats what goals are like. Some you achieve and some you don’t. But unlike the Romans, I don’t see the problem with goals that are just ever so slightly out of reach. They just make you reach even further.
In this time of reflection, I’ve set myself some goals for the end of this year and I thought I would share them with you.

Secure a job for Summer: Last year I tried so hard to get a summer job, but I was too late to get anything good enough. This year, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’ve already applied for a job in America at a summer camp for 2 months of the summer. So far, I’ve actually got the job (!!!!) and I just need to be placed, but my big goal is to be placed and secure by Christmas, or at the latest New Years. Honestly Im so excited!!

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: This semester I’ve been taking Ancient Egyptian language, and oh my gods it’s a real challenge! Honestly its one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken, but its also the most rewarding. I mean who gets to say they can read Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs? All I want is to pass this class so I can continue with it next year.

Keep Organised: Organisation is my one true love right now. I love spending 10 minutes even morning planning out my day and writing in my diary. I love keeping organised but I also always go through a faze where I stop staying organised and start scrambling. Every time I know that this doesn’t help and its just me being lazy, but I do it any way and it sucks! Im determined to stay focused this time, and hopefully I can get my desk sorted…. Finally!

Water: Im rubbish at this! Seriously, drinking water is one of my biggest flaws. I just always forget. From now on I really want to focus on drinking my fill a day, 8 glasses of water. Its so simple, but I know its so important and make such a difference.

Work Hard: My parents continue to inform me how hard I do work, yet I always know that I can work harder. I always think when Im not doing something, some one out there is, and their getting smarter doing it. I know its important to take breaks, but I’ve also be so lax with my reading. My goal towards the end of this acedemic year is to catch up and do all my reading and catch up on the tings I can. I can do well this year if I work hard, and hard I will!

These are my last goals for this year. I’ve only included 5, because most are related to work and academics and that would probably get quite repetitive and boring. Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments below what your goals are this winter.


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