My Winter Essentials.

IMG_2033-2I love this time of year. Yes its cold and yes, its probably raining outside right now, but its also the season of skirts, scarf, boots and Christmas! Around this time of year, I like to change up my essentials and bring out my favourite winter products. Today I thought I would share them with you and if you guys have any favourites, I would love it if you would let me know what they are in the comments below. I always need an excuse to go for a little pre-Christmas shop!IMG_2038Around this time of year, my skin, lips and hands really suffer from the cold and everything is much drier than normal. Its around this time that I usually brake out the hand cream. Yes, I do usually have my hand cream on my bedside table, since my special little hands can randomly decide their too dry, but this is the season I religiously use it. I have one on my bedside table and one in my backpack at the moment, and honestly I don’t think I could survive without it at the moment. I currently use the Soap and Glory Hand food, but I really want to try the Burts Bees one, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. If anyones tried it let me know how it is :).
For my lips, I use a combination of products, but I only really carry around the Blistex Intensive moisturizer just in case. I got this before I got on the plane to Amsterdam since I completely forgot and I really needed on, and its been so good! I apply this just before bed and wash it off in the morning and my lips feel soft all day. When they do start to get a little dry and flaky, I just use The Body Shops Honey Lip Scrub before the Blistex and it works wonders.
IMG_2036As the temperature starts to drop, its the perfect time to break out the trusty old hats and scarfs. My absolute favourite hat is my Superdry knitted hat which was given to me by my amazing godmother. Its just so fluffy and warm, plus it looks great with just about everything which is always a win! My favourite scarf is a couple of years old now, but its a huge blanket scarf from Accessorise. Oh, its ever so snuggly and warm, I just can’t go without it on a cold day. IMG_2040My next main essential is my Black Cat onsie from Next. I couldn’t get a photo of it since its currently  in the wash (sorry :(), but I got it at Halloween and I can’t put it down. I snuggle down into it first thing when I get home and by the gods, I’ve never felt anything so soft. Since I couldn’t get a photo of it, I did get a photo of my favourite winter jumper. I’m actually wearing it right now as I type because it honestly is one of the warmest and most comfortable things Ive ever worn. The fur in the hood keeps you so warm and its looks great too. As you can tell, the jumper is from Hollister but I got it as a gift last Christmas!
As the nights are getting darker earlier, the next thing I do when I get in, after I pop on my onsie, is to turn on my fairy lights. The beautiful, relaxing glow makes me feel so cosy and relaxed. This time of year is always so much more stressful than usual, with deadlines and exams piling up before Christmas. An evening in with the fairy lights on, cuddled up in a blanket watching a Christmas film is my go too to loosen the stress. I also love to listen to some good old Christmas music. Lets be honest. If you aren’t listening to Christmas music by now, then are you really doing winter right at all? I adore walking into university or revising to a bit of Christmas hits or Bublé. I find it so relaxing and perfect to get me in the mood to get up and seize the day.IMG_2045Last but not least, my ultimate winter essential is night in with my friends. A Saturday night in with a film on or an extra long games night where none of you can’t help yourself but to snack on Doritos and biscuits, can not be beaten. Especially with a good hot chocolate! We usually do these nights in the flat, where everyone takes time off their work and we all get together for a good film.
Winter is such a wonderful season, I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as me. What are you winter essentials? Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.


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