The struggles of Christmas


Okay so since last week I did a post about ‘Why I love Christmas’, I thought I would write a blog post this week about the struggles of Christmas because as much as I would love to sit here and tell you Christmas is perfect and not stressful at all … I can’t! Now don’t get me wrong I love love Christmas but that doesn’t mean I find Christmas stress free and easy to prepare for haha! So here are a few of the struggles I personally have with Christmas. Let us know in the comments if you struggle with any of these or if you have any tips on how to deal with them πŸ™‚

1. Christmas present shopping

Oh my word. I love giving presents but I find the whole process of buying the presents and trying to think of an idea so hard! Especially when it’s December .. the shops just get mad and there are people absolutely everywhere. I tried to do some shopping on black Friday but honestly … every shop I went into it was like a battle to get to the things you wanted before they all went. It was ruthless. So I decided to stay in and online shop which is what i normally do but I thought this year I would be brave and venture outside haha! The only thing with online shopping is that pictures can be deceiving! You think your buying this really need vase thats glass and beautifully intricate but then it arrives and its a plastic cup and your just like what the hell! haha! Anyway I will be relying on trusty amazon because who doesn’t love a bit of amazon haha! So yes, once I have got the presents sorted I love to wrap them and make them look pretty but up until that point its just a stress to get everything.

2. Finding the right Christmas jumper

Now I have never owned a Christmas jumper! That might come as a shock considering I love Christmas but I can never find one that I like and for a good price. I don’t want to spend too much money on it cause I know I would only wear it like a few days a year. I know that it will be worth the price if I kept it for a long time but yeh … I don’t know! Am I the only one who struggles to find a not too tacky but nicely fitted and looking jumper that will suit my clothes? Does such thing exist? Please if you have found any nice ones or know what shops to look in .. let me know! I need to get one for next week and so far just had no luck!

3. The cold

Don’t get me wrong I love autumn and I love winter but sometimes I wish it just didn’t get as cold as it does! If it snows then you know it’s worth it but if it doesn’t and it’s just cold all the time then what the heck .. common I have cute skirts and dresses to wear over Christmas but how am I supposed to wear them if it’s like 0 degrees outside! Especially right if you want to go out clubbing or out somewhere nice and you have this nice outfit on and then you have to put this massive puffer jacket on to stay warm … firstly my jacket probably wouldn’t suit most my going out clothes and secondly well as soon as I get in the club it will be warm and i will have to carry my coat around with me for the whole night πŸ™ However, I do love snuggling up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate under blankets watching films but because I am at uni and do not have a fire, I have to wait till I get home to achieve that fantasy haha!

4. Opening presents in front of people

Am I the only one who finds this a bit awk! Like I never know how to act cause I feel like when I like the present whatever i say will just sound sarcastic or If I am maybe not too keen on the present my face will say it all even if I say its great .. do you get what i mean? Tbh I have never had a present I don’t like. But yeh I find my reactions really hard to sound genuine for some reason. Does anyone else struggle with that? I am very grateful for any present I get and never expect to get presents. I know that I have lots compared to some people. I’m just trying to be honest opening presents in front of people I sometimes find quite awkward haha!

5. Clearing up after Christmas dinner

At home we don’t have a dishwasher so as you can probably guess clearing up after Christmas Dinner takes like an hour. As mum prepares it, she is basically exempt from washing up so me and two bothers take on the task on washing every dish up, drying them and putting them away. Now with a bit of Christmas music on in the background it is not that bad. I always wash and my two bothers dry (I think because mum and dad trust me to wash the dishes properly haha). The worst thing though is when you are putting your hand into the water and there is like gravy and leftovers in the water, touching your hand πŸ™ argh! You then have to keep running new water to keep it clean and then by the time you are done your hands are wrinkly and you then have to wipe the table, take the decorations of and hoover the floor (if there are any bits on the floor). I am very grateful for the Christmas dinner don’t get me wrong but it just takes ages to clean up and I am normally too excited to open presents and spend time with fam.

So those are 5 things that I personally struggle with at Christmas time. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of them and if you have any solutions that would be fab πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend only 23 days till Christmas! AHHHH!!!



  1. December 2, 2017 / 18:27

    Couldn’t agree more about opening presents in front of people. 99.9% of the time I absolutely adore it but I always sound too over enthusiastic like I’m being sarcastic and then I feel awful!

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