Christmas Traditions.

IMG_2071_FotorI LOVE Christmas! I mean, who doesn’t? Food, family, presents and chilling by the fire in front of a good old cosy film. Its just the most perfect thing. Everyone celebrates the winter holidays one way or another. Some people celebrate Christmas, some Hanukkah and some, like one of my university friends, just go traveling around the world. My family’s Christmas traditions make Christmas for me. Every year its exactly the same, yet always so much better. I don’t know how it works, but it always does.

-Christmas Eve-

Christmas always starts on Christmas eve for me. One of my favourite traditions! I’m lucky enough to have a six year old brother who still experiences the magical, Santa Claus, side of Christmas every year. So Christmas Eve is really a special day for us. We go out to a pantomime and have a proper family day.
In the evening, we wonder on home and I help Danny set up for father Christmas. So we get him a plate with a cookie and some carrots on, we move the fire grate and then its time for bed. Well for him. For me that’s the start of Christmas Eve preparations, because after then I can do the proper stuff.
Once he is dead asleep, always half an hour in (bless him he tries!), I start bringing down the presents and setting up the tree, making it look nice and pretty. I’ll them eat the cookie, making sure to leave lots of crumbs and most the carrot, and then I can finally go to bed. My parents like to do the last bit themselves.


The joy of waking up with the knowledge that you have a stocking waiting for you at the end of your bed is one of the best feelings ever. The first thing I want to do when I get up is open up those little niggly presents in my little sack, but you have to wait for the family right? Nahh! I’m always the first one up, so the first thing I do is go wake up my brother, then we go wake up my parents and we all sit on their bed opening up our stockings.
Family is easily one of the best parts of Christmas. Spending that morning watching a 6 year-old open little presents is so magical. His face with every present is precious, even the socks! He’s just so happy.


We then head down stairs and dad makes the best breakfast ever… Pancakes! Oh my gods, I cant even explain how good my dads pancakes are on Christmas morning. Especially when we all gather together. We always have my step-mums mother there and her friend, and my grandparents come and join them around 11 o’clock. So for me its a real family gathering. Which I adore.

-The Tree-

Ah so this is what really Christmas is. All the family sitting around the tree chatting, while I spread a gift to everyone from the tree. The tree usually takes up the huge chunk of the day since we like to take our time and make sure that everyone gets their turn. Ever since I was little I was in charge of the presents. I always go through them and hand them out to everyone,
Watching my family around me open presents that I bought them and seeing them happy and relaxed is one of the most wonderful things. Family is such a major part of Christmas for me. It really makes the day.

IMG_2147_Fotor-Christmas Dinner-

My step-mum is always in charge of Christmas dinner because oh my gods her food is sooo good! Especially her molten chocolate cake. Oh gods. It’s so good!

We always have a fish starter with salmon and prawns closely followed by our main of choice; my dads favourite is Venison while I love duck so we bounce between the two each year. Then it’s time for the chocolate pots. And by the end you feel so full all you want to do is sit around with a new book you got as a present.

-Night In-

After I help do the washing up, its time to settle down with my family for a family night in. We usually either watch a film or whatever on the BBC that year, but no matter what we do it together. My grandparents go home and my brother is forced to join us and we all relax together. Togetherness is the important part right?

So there you have all my favourite Christmas traditions, do you guys have any particular Christmas traditions? I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas xx



  1. December 9, 2017 / 23:22

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading about others traditions. It sounds like your Christmases are great. It’s so cute how you sneak downstairs to set up the scene for your little brother.

    • December 9, 2017 / 23:34

      I love reading about them too. That’s why I really wanted to share my own. Setting the house up for my brother is honestly one of the best parts of Christmas. It reminds me how magical christmases are x

      • December 9, 2017 / 23:55

        I don’t have any siblings or young relatives, but hopefully I’ll have a kid someday, which will make Christmas even more special.

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