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Okay, so today I am going to be reviewing The Crown which is a TV series on Netflix for those who do not know. I have recently just finished the 2nd series which came out about a week ago or so. I thought I would write a quick review for the post today as you guys know how much I love my Netflix … hahah! If you guys have seen it I would love to know what you thought about it so please leave comments if you want πŸ™‚

Okay so just to confess something, I do not know much about the royal family – and still don’t really but The Crown has been amazing and allowed me to explore the royal family a lot more. I had no idea about the stuff that went on behind the scenes at Buckingham .. especially as most of it happened before I was born. It was fascinating getting to see the queen and the story of her coming to power and the relationships between her, Phillip and the government. To be honest I can’t really remember much of season one other than the fact we had the whole thing with Margaret wanting to marry someone who was divorced which was a massive no no in those days. We also saw Elizabeth take the throne and in the first few episodes we saw her relationship with her dad, who then passed away. We also got to see the development of Winston Churchill develop which was also interesting to see as I didn’t really know too much about him either.

The Crown Season Two focused more on the relationship between Elizabeth and Philip which was interesting as I never really knew how many issues went on between them. You have the rumoured ‘affair’ with that dancer which I still don’t really know if that is true or not. As I don’t really the facts about the royal family, I don’t really know which bits are true and which bits are just fiction – made up to entertain the viewers – but that doesn’t bother me too much because it is honestly such a good program … especially for all you people out there who like history and the Royal family.

My favourite episode in The Crown had to be ‘Paterfamilias’. This was a really powerful episode and explored a lot about the similarities between Philip as a young boy and prince Charles as a young boy. It was a story about Philips school experience parallel with Charles experience of school. You learn about the terrible events that went on in Philips life and how this builds up inside of him as he remembers the dark memories of his past which eventually leads him to burst out in front of his son yelling at him which just breaks your heart. It is a very powerful episode and although at the beginning I did not like Philip for pushing his son into the school, you begin to feel sorry for Philip and realise why he wants his son to go to his school so much.

I don’t really want to say too much more as I do not want to spoil the season but you also see the relationship between Margaret and her new ‘love interest’ blossom which is also entertaining as I did feel sorry for Margaret in season 1 but her new lover is interesting and entertaining at the same time πŸ™‚ you also see the birth of Elizabeth’s youngest sons, Andrew and Edward. Furthermore, especially in the first few episodes you get to explore the difficulties between Philip and Elizabeth … just makes you realise how hard it must have been. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the way it is shot is beautiful! All the interior designs and the costumes are just fabulous!

I would definitely recommend this program for all of you who love history but also for those who just want a good watch. I don’t really like history but this was beautiful and so fascinating, also can we just appreciate Matt Smith πŸ˜‰ Please feel free to leave any comments on your thoughts and I hope you have a great Christmas … only 10 days to go!!



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      Hahah yeh I know what you mean! Oh cool, your blog is really awesome! I would like to watch Victoria at some point as I think that’s a popular one

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