Hello 2018.

img_0735The time has finally come when we have to say goodbye to 2017 and say hello to a whole new year.
Theres been a lot of talk about how bad this year has been for some, but to be honest for me, its been amazing! Actually, its been one of the best years of my life! 2017 was the year I did great in my first year at university. It was the year which I went traveling for the first time on my own. The year I went inter-railing with some of the best people I will ever meet. I traveled far and wide. I met new people, tried new things and stepped as far out of my comfort zone as is physically possible in a year. This was a huge year for me.
But as 2018 come around the corner, and well… hits me in the face, I sit here, writing up a blog post for the New Year for the blog Jenny and I started this year. So much has changed in 2017 and all I want is for it continue to do so.
I guess this means I ought to make a list of New Years Resolutions, although this year I only have one major goal. I am living this year totally and utterly for me. Thats not to say I want to have a completely selfish year. Oh no. It means that I want to stop doing things only to make others happy. Im really bad at the whole ‘I’m important too’ thing, so thats my major goal this year.
So this year, I will stop trying to please everyone. I will stop over thinking and living in the past. Yes, I can remember the good, but what I regret can not be changed and I will not try to do so. So, I will not beat myself up about things I can not change and I will not sacrifice my happiness to please another.
Those are my goals this year. I do have others too, things like be healthier, develop a healthy routine, work hard or studies etc… But those are more general though. Anyway, I hope you guys have the best New Year! So Happy New Year guys and good luck!



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