2018, What a year it’s going to be?

img_4575So 2018 has started! What a year 2017 was! 2017 for me was a rollercoaster of a ride. Lots of great things happened such as our family trip to America in Summer was amazing, starting second year and living in a house with people I chose to live with, achieving a good grade in my first year! However, there have been some lows in 2017 as I expected there to be as no Year is perfect.

I am so excited to start 2018, as I am every ear to start a new year as it brings me new motivation to achieve great things this year and achieve my goals. For 2018 I have made a few new year resolutions and goals which I hope to achieve and I thought I would share them with you.

Firstly, I want to eat healthier and try and exercise more. I know this is a popular resolution for many people and every year I am pretty sure I say this but this year I am really going to try. My mum bought me Fearne Cotton’s cookbook ‘Cook Eat Love’ which is a vegan healthy cookbook with some amazing recipes in that I am going to try and make at Uni. I am also going to purchase a yoga mat when I go back to Uni so I can start doing home workouts at home (if you have any you would recommend, maybe a YouTube channel or something please let me know). I want to do home workouts as I don’t really have the time to go to the gym and back or the money so a home workout would be ideal for me with maybe a short jog around the park every once in a while. I don’t know how long this will last but I am going to try and that’s the main thing haha!

Secondly, I am going to try and work more this year and go to all my lectures as last term I didn’t attend many. This was mainly due to illness but also I just wasn’t very enthusiastic about my course but this year I want to be more positive and aim higher and learn more.

Following on from that, I want to find a placement this year as my university course has a year in Industry included so in my third year I hope to be working at a company. That means that this year I need to apply for jobs and try and acquire one for Summertime. Hopefully I will have some luck and that the process of applying won’t be too bad as I hate interviews, I get so nervous!

For lent this year, I am going to be giving up Netflix and all online streaming websites / films enabling me to spend time doing other things which hopefully will have a more positive effect on my life. I am hoping that I will get less headaches and that I can spend more time investing in work, my faith and friends. Plus it would be really cool to have more time to work on the blog and invest more time on this site developing it for you guys until we have a platform that me and Hana can express freely on and bring happiness to you guys. It’s going to be hard for me to give movies up as many of you may know I love movies and Netflix and so this is going to bed hard but hopefully it will be a great experience and learning curve. I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t watch too many good movies without me haha!

Finally, I want to spend more time learning about God and reading the bible / daily readings and my faith is a big part of who I am and for me it’s really easy to forget how amazing God is and all he has blessed me with. I forget how much I have been blessed with and find myself wanting more rather than being grateful for the wonderful life I have.

So these are a few of my new year wishes that I hope to carry out and remember in 2018. Hopefully this time next year I will be able to write a post about how far I have come in 2018 and how I have achieved the goals I set myself for this year. Although I do want to try my best to achieve these resolutions I will not pressure myself too much to the point where life doesn’t become enjoyable and becomes stressful. 2018 is just going to be a year where I try my hardest and enjoy every moment of life being thankful for all I have.

I wish you all the best for 2018 and pray it will be filled with many happy memories.




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