5 Habits of a productive student.

I have been a student all my life. Literally. I cant remember not being a student.  You know, I dont think I know anyone who wasn’t a student at least once in their lives. Fortunately over the years I like to think I’ve finally figured it out. Well for the most part. So I thought I’d write a little post with my 5 top habits, which I find helps to keep me productive and excited to learn more.


Now when I say waking up early, I don’t mean you have to get up at 5am every morning, even on weekends. Gods no. What I mean is you need to get into a routine of getting up before 9am. I usually try to get up around 8am on a weekday, and to be at my desk (if i don’t have a lecture) by 9. I find that getting up earlier makes me productive in general in the day. If I have a lay day and don’t get up until 10 or 11, I’ve missed an entire mornings worth of work. I prefer to get things done in the morning and chill in the afternoon, rather than wast my day away.
Some of my flatmates prefer to do it other way around, by getting up late and working until late, but Ive always lived with the idea of ‘get it over and done with’. For me this works and I’ve found that after getting into the routine of getting up ever so slightly early, it makes it easier for those pesky 9ams.


Now I’ve always had a weekly or annual diary, and I actually love spending 15 minutes in the morning just writing down my plan for the week or month ahead. I find that writing it down, either in an actual diary or on my calendar on my mac, really helps to structure my days. It gives you a great idea of what you have coming up, when your deadlines are and when you need to get work done and in what order. Just sitting and planning makes me feel so much more organised.
I know some people use a bullet journal, which I think is an amazing idea if you have the time for it. If your interested, just look up bullet journals on Pinterest and there are so many beautiful ideas.


Lets face it, you’ve probably seen this everywhere. Its easily one of the most common productivity tips, but it is so true! I personally can’t concentrate for the life of me in a cluttered room. Im one of those student’s who spends ages tidying up a room because it will drive me insane unless its done. With a tidy space around me, I always feel less stressed and the less stressed I am, the more I am realistically going to get done.


Breaks are something I always forget about, and its really bad. When I’m in a productive mood, I generally power on and the mood fades rather quickly. So its important to take them once in a while. Even if you have to take an entire day off as your break, you need to do this. Your body will tell you want you need. if you sleep through 5 alarms and still feel tired in the morning, the likelihood is your working too hard and you need to sleep! (And trust me, as a student I know so many people who can do this) So do so. Take your time off, watch a film or some youtube. Just remember to take them. I use an app called ‘Forest’ which i find really good, as it reminds me to take breaks but Ill talk about that in a another post soon.
Personally I like to put on some youtube vlogs in the background of the basic schoolwork or tasks, which I find means that I can stay concentrated for a longer time without full on breaks. The Ingham family is my absolute fav right now! Since I have a really exciting America trip, their florida blogs are making me so excited for it! Though I know this doesn’t work for everyone and can be more distracting, so go with what works for you.


I loooooovve to-do lists! I dont even know why, but I love to write out a good to-do list and its so satisfying to cross things off once your done. I find that spending 10 minutes every morning, or sometimes the night before, sets up my day perfectly and gives me an idea of how much I need to get done. it makes everything seem so much more manageable, especially if I split things up well. For example I’ll split writing an essay up with goals; like, write 50 words, write 100 words, write 250 words. Each time I get to the next goal I cross it off and aim for the next one. Before I know it I’ve done 1000 words in an hour or two, and for most of my essays thats a huge portion!  I cant stress enough how much organisation helps. If your organised in your mind and space around you, everything is so much easier.
I hope this was helpful to some people, if you have any other habits that you also find useful let me know down below. Lets all help each other out xx



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