A Weekend In Liverpool Haul.

So this last weekend, I decided to journey up north to visit Jenny in Liverpool. This was my second time in the city and I was so excited for a long weekend of much needed retail therapy. Since I’m super happy with all of my purchases, I thought I would share my haul with you guys. And trust me, it is quite a haul!

On Saturday, my first full day in Liverpool, we went to Cheshire Oaks, a designer outlet retail park. I honestly knew going in that I would spend way too much here, but the prices surprised me so much! I thought I would go in and everything would be £75+ but I honestly found some amazing deals!The first shop we went to was Claires Accessories. Now I rarely, very rarely, go into this shop seriously, but I really wanted to get some new earrings so I thought, why not. I found two pairs, one are these gorgeous trees and some sweet little studs, as well as a pretty little headband, and with everything having 30% off they were super cheap.We then went to Cath Kiddson, a shop with I love! Recently they’ve had a lot of calibrations with Disney, but most of the best bits have gone out of stock so I went to the outlet store hoping to find some of the past seasons best bits. I found some really cute things, until I looked over and saw this beautiful backpack. I had wanted a new one for months now and I had yet to find one that I liked, was waterproof and had a pouch for my laptop that was separate to the actual main bag. This one is perfect and super cute! And at half price, from £50 to £25, umm yes please!After wondering for a bit, we went to Jack Wills and oh my goodness! I cant even tell you the deals I found here! Most tops where down to £7 and the jumpers were down to around £27. I tried on so much, literally I think I took in about 15 items! But in the end I only left with this red top and sweater, since I was trying to be sensible. Top top is super soft, and was down to £14 and the jumper was down from £60 to £26! Im sorry but that is  such an amazing deal. We then rounded up the day in a huge beauty outlet, where I got 2 Essie nail polishes for £3.80 each. So pretty!img_3899

The next day we went over to Liverpool One, to see if I could get myself a good little Primark Haul. I was never much of a fan of Primark. That was until I saw the Liverpool shop. Its so neat and tidy and I, well I fell in love. We first started off in the themed section. So with all the Disney and Harry Potter stuff, and I really surprised myself with my constraint. Honestly this haul could have been huge! I picked up these 4 tops, each for either £2.50 or £4 (just the black one with ‘London, New York, Paris’ on), because you can never have too many Cami tops. As well as this really soft black Disney Jumper. Honestly this think is the softest thing in this entire world and I love it so much! And it saw £10! So good right!

I then wondered over to the shorts section as I’m so excited for my trip in the summer, I thought I would try and pick some stuff up for it. I found these three which again were super cheap. The blue spottie pair were £2.50 and are a really nice sport, stretchy material which will be great for everyday wear. The black and polka dot were both £4 each and super super cute! img_0832-1After I had picked out the shorts, I picked up this beautiful playsuit, which was a whole £14! Uh Ill never get over how cheap everything is at Primark. I love the pattern and the material is so soft. its going to be perfect to act as a cover up for a bikini and for everyday wear. I also wondered over to the home and accessories section, where I got a set of new bed sheets which are the background for all of my photos. Its a super cute astrology cover, with cute little stars, planets and moons. It so cute and only £11 for a double! I also picked up a light grey under sheet, which sounds boring but is super cute. I did pick some boring things like nail clippers (£1), hairbands (£1 for 60) and bobby pins (£1 for 60) from the accessory section, although I do have my eye on the adorable makeup bags they have.Our next and last port of call was Hollister and I really hoped I wouldn’t like anything in here. But as usual I did. This cute coat is one of their new range and I just adored the colour! It super soft and so, so light. But at the same time its so warm and I never had a coat like this before. I love it so much! It was £65 though, so lets just call this a spur of the moment thing…So that was my very expensive weekend in Liverpool. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and that it was okay. This is my first haul, and Im super happy with it so let me know what you think below. Thanks for reading!



  1. February 17, 2018 / 19:44

    I love Cheshire Oaks. I go to university in Chester so I have visited Cheshire Oaks quite a bit and it’s so dangerous. I always spend far too much which isn’t good for a very broke student. I love the backpack you picked up from Cath Kidston, I’m constantly eyeing them up! I also love the jumper you picked up from Jack Wills, such a great deal. Sounds like you had a pretty successful shopping trip weekend in Liverpool!
    Tabitha x

    • February 17, 2018 / 19:50

      Thank you, I did! I must admit that I did far more damage than I was expecting, but I love it all and it really was an amazing weekend. Thanks for reading xx

  2. February 17, 2018 / 20:16

    Omg that backpack! It’s gorgeous! Over in NZ we really don’t have the type of shopping you guys do in the UK, so I love these sorts of posts! And glad you had a great weekend 😊

    • February 17, 2018 / 20:59

      That’s what I thought to! I just couldn’t leave it behind ☺️ Well make sure to put a few more hauls up, I love writing them and taking the photos! Oh and NZ is one of my top places I really want to visit, your so lick to live there x

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