March To Do List.

I cant believe that its March already. It seems like only yesterday that we were putting up the Christmas tree ready for the season. And now we’re almost an entire semester into University and the flowers are starting to pop up, fighting against that annoying frost that seems to cling on for far to long. With he spirit of the new month in mind, I thought I would share with you guys my March Goals.
March is a big month for me. Well, its a big month for most students, but, well as a second year student who is feeling ever so slightly apprehensive over the coming events of march, this is a big month. So heres my to-do list this month, including everything. Oh and I mean everything real, academic or otherwise.

Complete my Athenian Drama module with no fear.
Post at least once a week on Instagram.
Present my Egyptian literature presentation.
Post at least 2 blog posts a week.
Work on Blog photography.
Post at least 3x a day on Twitter.
Take my camera out more and take some photos.
Exercise at least 3x a week.
Revise Egyptian language at least 2 hours extra a day.
Cook a larger variety of meals.
Reach my 12.5 thousand steps at least twice a week.
Figure out exactly how we want the blog.
Read at least 2 books.
Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.
Explore new blog post ideas.

I hope you guys have a really good March, thank you for reading. What are your goals for this month?


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