Life without the Internet.

This weekend I went away to Centre Parks. Its kind of like a family tradition to go away for the weekend to Centre Parks for the easter weekend. This year I’m going to be away over easter so we decided to go for this weekend and it was brilliant.
I always find a place like centre parks to be so relaxing and calming, which is why when I came here this weekend I really switched off. I always make a point to turn off my phone and not even take my laptop, instead opting or a good book or my camera. I thought since I was inspired by my trip, that I would share with you my list of things that you can do without internet. For me these are reasons to turn off, but for you this may just be things to do when you don’t have access to the internet for a little bit. Either way, enjoy!IMG_4156

Read a Book

One of my absolute favourite hobbies is to just sit down with a book. I can go through them in days, quite literally. And so when its time to turn off, to get away and shut down, I love to open up a new book. It doesn’t even have to be a new book to be honest. Sometimes its just as lovely to open up an old book that you haven’t read in a while infant of a fire and settle down. Books were the wonderful form of an escape before the internet, and sometimes its just nice to go back to your roots.

Go for a Walk

This wasn’t so easy this weekend, or well it wasn’t as alluring anyway, but it’s still a wonderful thing to do when away for the weekend in a remote location. One of the reasons why I love to go to Centre Parks is because of the wilderness. Nature is everywhere around you it’s so easy to shove on your shoes and a coat, and just go for a wonder. I find it super relaxing and refreshing, especially when the weathers nice out. Not going to lie, this weekend the snow really kept me inside when we weren’t doing something but, I loved walking everywhere through the snow. Another great thing is that there are literally no cars, so you can walk without fear. It so much nicer that having to worry about waiting at a crossing or anything like that. It really throws you back to your roots.

Watch a film

Watching a film has got to be my number one go too when the weathers bad and you’re trying to stay away from the internet. Its kind of a tradition for our family that when we go away on this trip, we watch a film together every night. We just settle down after dinner, put on a fire and watch a film together. It’s really nice time to spend with family and its super cosy. Plus I have a huge list of films that I’ve got to watch now!

Take some photos

Photography is easily one of my favourite pass times beside reading. I love it. Theres something about going for a walk and getting some photos of the world around me that I find relaxing and peaceful. I love trying out new shots and finding hidden things you wouldn’t usually have paid attention to.

Engage with the world around you

When I say engage with the world around you, i mean actually look up from your phone. Look up and experience something. Go swimming with your family, or trying something new, like archery with your siblings. Do something that you haven’t done in a while or something that you never tried. Every time we go for this trip the centre parks, my family and I really try to do some of the activities. That’s not to say we book ourselves up, but we usually book one thing a day for at least someone – usually my little brother cause you know, kids get bored. But we spend most the day at the water park and then go to whatever it we have planned. This year my brother went jet-skiing, and we both went to archery, which was amazing. Myself and my parents spent a couple of hours at the spa, and just engaged. We talked and actually did something other that looked at our phones .Sometimes engaging with the world, just means talking.
Hopefully this has given you some ideas and maybe inspired you to step back a little? Either way, thank you for reading xx



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