Packing for a Weekend of Snow.

If you guys read my post on Wednesday, you’d know that I went to Centre Parks with my family last weekend. It was a trip I definitely needed, but the snow made it a real difficult trip to leave for. Now last weekend the Uk was essentially attacked by a huge snow storm that everyone called ‘The Beast From the East’. Gods it was a nightmare. But I went on my trip anyway and it was so worth it. I thought I would share with you guys what I took with me and how I packed for it, with a ‘whats in my suitcase’ style post.
IMG_4158This is my little cabin sized suitcase which I used for my trip. I have this huge backpack which I honestly could have used, but I was only going away for 3 days and I didn’t want to extra weight on my back. I’m not the most surefooted person in the world, add-on a huge backpack and some ice, and I’m sliding around like a deer on ice. Really my balance is shocking! So this suitcase is just right for me. It gave me something to lean on and meant it was in a waterproof container. My suit case is a little 21″ AEROLITE case in Rose gold and I got it in the sale at Dunelm for maybe £30? Im not too sure to be honest, but it’s doing me well so far.IMG_4160The first thing I like to do when I pack my bag for the weekend is write a really basic list of all the necessities. It takes me maybe 5 minutes maximum, but I just sit there and go through it all really quick so that I don’t forget anything major. I then, like the crazy person I am, lay it all out in piles. I have a pile for jumpers, tops, trousers, underwear, socks and others. I know it sounds probably a little OCD, but it works for me. If I lay it all out, the idea is that I dont forget anything. It usually works for me. IMG_4159So for this trip I was away from Friday to Monday, 4 days and 3 nights, so I made sure to take with me enough for everything. Plus it was freezing cold! In the end I think I took something like 7 pairs of socks, which is ridiculous, but I actually wore every single one. I doubled up a load on them which is how that worked out, but anyway. I also took with me, 2 tops to go under jumpers and 3 jumpers.I ended up not actually wearing 2 of the jumpers because I just wore the tops as usual, with a hoodie over the top and then the jumper on its own. Oh well. I also took something like 2 vests or cami’s for extra warmth and 2 pairs of leggings. I also wore jeans on the day so I had plenty of back ups if they go wet from the snow, which did actually happen. Go me for being organised! I then had my usual underwear, bras and pyjamas.IMG_4163On top of all those clothes, which actually wasn’t that much in the long run, I took with me 2 of my exercise books for Egyptian (one of my uni modules) and a reading book. It’s a shame actually because I went away with loads of reading in mind, but I ended up only opening this books once and I didn’t even start reading properly. We were just so busy doing things that when i sat down it was to watch a film with the family. I’m so in love with this book cover though, look how w it is! I actually cant wait to actually start reading it.IMG_4162When it actually comes to packing, I used a single packing cube, I do have the set but I only needed one, for my underwear and sleepwear. Everything else went into the closed off pocket, which I could easily zip up and would secure it all in place. So much easier than just folding it all in the main section and hoping for the best. Now one thing I’ve been trying to do a bit more is to roll my clothes rather than fold them. But I find it super difficult and I can never get it exact. I managed to roll the tops and jumpers, oh and my pyjamas, but everything else was folded. Uh if you guys have any advise, please let me know down below. IMG_4161That’s generally what I took with me this trip. i made sure to pack my camera just before I left, plus any chargers I needed, but I wanted to keep this trip as minimal and simple as possible. I wore my big Dr.Martins to combat said snow, as well as my new Hollister coat which i mentioned here, and my hat, scarf and gloves, and that’s it. It was turn-off weekend and by the gods, it made difference.
Thank you for reading, I hope this was interesting to some. I really love to read about what people took with them one trip and how they packed it. It’s a slightly sad obsession, but it always helps me when it comes to packing myself. Whats your favourite thing about the snow?



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