February App Faves

February has been a busy month with deadlines, events week at my Christian Union Society, Valentines Day, Pancake Day and the start of lent! Today, I thought I would do a blog post on apps I have been loving in the month of February. As I have already mentioned, lent started which means that my life is now an online streaming platform and youtube free life which I have been finding so tough. I have now taken up games on my iPad in order to fill the time haha 😀 This is slightly different to posts we have done before but I hope you enjoy this post none-the-less.

IMG_2696The first app I have been loving is ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch’ on the iPad. I think I had this several years ago but then deleted it as did not really play on it much. I then remember watching a vlog, I think it was Zoella’s, where the app was mentioned again and upon recommendation I thought I would get it again. I have since become slightly obsessed. On average I probably go on the game at least twice a day to collect the coins from my rides and buildings haha. For those of you who are not familiar with the game, you basically manage a theme park and build rides, upgrade buildings and complete missions in order to level up and get more visitors to your park. As I am quite a creative person, what draws me to this app is that I can design my own theme park and the layout of it which I quite enjoy doing. For those of you who would like to know what my theme park looks like then check out the video below which shows you the outline of my park.

IMG_2705.JPGThe next app I have been loving is the game ‘Ballz’ for the phone. I downloaded this game as one of my flatmates had it and said it was good. Now pre-warning .. this game is so addictive. The first time I went on it, I ended up spending like an hour on it as every time I died I wanted to just have another go and beat my record. The game is basically you shooting balls at blocks which have a number in them which shows how many times they need to be hit before they disappear. You can also gain more balls by hitting these little white dots. Each level a new row of blocks is added and the original blocks move down one. When the blocks hit the floor, that is when you have failed. This game is quite hard to explain so I again filmed a clip of me playing it so you can get the general idea of the game. It is a really good time waster though and fab if you want something to play whilst your waiting for the bus or something.

IMG_2699Another new app which I just got, as I found it in the charts one day, is the game ‘Homescapes’ which is a combination of ‘Candy Crush’ and a house design game which I think is what attracted me to it. The premises of the game is that you are a butler and you are redesigning your childhood house. How you do that is win stars from completing levels of the game which you can then use to complete tasks. I love this game because I like Candy Crush and I love designing houses so a combination of the both just instantly attracted me. There are some really hard levels which have taken me a while to get past but it is fun but similarly to Candy Crush you have like 5 lives and then you have to wait half an hour for the next life and so forth so it does encourage you to wait and have breaks which is a good thing hahah! Again, I have inserted a video of me playing the game. As you can see half the house is already done and for most of the designs you get to choose from three options. I chose all red options basically as that was my theme. From the video, on the left hand side you have the objectives of the game and the amount of moves you have. I had to collect 16 cherries and have 77 spaces of grass and 31 moves to do it in which unfortunately I did not do. This is a great game if you have run out of games you play and you want a bit of a challenge/like designing houses and playing Candy Crush.

IMG_2703Okay so I know I gave up online steaming for lent so a lot of you may consider this slightly cheating but it was the only way I was able to watch TV in my bedroom through the Now TV app. I have a now TV subscription which I love and due to this I get a range of movies and series to watch (a lot like Netflix but sky version). I also get the bonus of watching live TV from the app. So I have been using the live TV section to watch live TV on my iPad. Which is great don’t get me wrong as I can still sort of watch movies however, the same movies keep getting repeated on TV and I either catch the end of a film or the beginning. It has been good watching friends on Comedy Central (live of course) as I love friends but again its only on at certain times and more than not I miss it. I do not know if people would consider this online streaming but it is a just a way of watching live TV on my iPad which I am very grateful for. Unfortunately you do have to have a subscription in order to use this app but I think you can get a free trial of a month if you haven’t used it before which I would totally recommend doing as they have some great movies on there.

IMG_2697The last app I have been loving is Pinterest. I love Pinterest but never really used it before lent started as I just didn’t have anything I needed to do on it but recently I have gotten back in to looking at haircuts, makeup looks, wedding stuff (not getting married though just like looking through it .. can anyone else relate?) and just cool quotes. It is such a good app for ideas as well. Even though a lot of them I do not really have the freedom to do as a lot of the ones I would want to do are for houses and stuff which I do not have haha :D. It was great to discover this gem again though and if you are ever bored and like thinking about things like future houses, weddings, DIY’s, quotes then this is the app for you. I have got a lot of ideas from this app and have quite a few boards including a piercing one as I love piercings and really want to get another one .. thinking a rook but not sure. Anyway, If you haven’t already I would totally check out this app and let your imagination run wild.
For now, those are my top 5 apps that I have been loving. Of course I use more than these 5 for example; snapchat, instagram, twitter, 21 buttons, apple music and clash of clans are also a few faves. If you have any apps that you have been loving recently I would love to know as I still have a few weeks of lent left and love finding new apps!

Please feel free to comment / email us any questions you have and I hope you all have wonderful weeks xx



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