Traveling for 2 weeks, with only a carry on.

So this easter, I’m going away for two weeks to Greece on my Study Tour. The Study Tour is a module required by my course where you travel for 15 days abroad to study and research a particular subject. I personally am going to Greece to study the communication between the mortal and the divine. But I will talk about that another time (if you guys are interested that is). The point is, I get a two-week trip to Greece partially funded by my university! Umm yes please!

So after months of planning, it’s now come to the time when I actually need to pack my bag. The only issue is, I going with carry on luggage only. Yeah I know. That’s not going to be easy right? Well I thought since you guys liked my last packing post, I would share with you how I’m going to manage to pack 2 weeks worth of things into a small backpack and a small cabin suitcase.

So the two bags I’ve decided to take with me is my Cath Kidston backpack (which I bought in Liverpool) and my little AEROLITE cabin bag which I got in the Dunelm. Honestly these little bags have done me so well so far, I’m just hoping that they don’t get damaged while I’m away. Anyway, these bags are not huge. In fact they are pretty much the same size as each other.

The first port of call, so to speak, is to figure out what the weathers going to be like while I’m away. I didn’t really think that it would be that warm, but it turns out its going to be around 21! That’s so much warmer that I thought. Just to give you guys an idea, it was 9 degrees the other day and I was enjoying the heat in a cami top…. Yeah any heat is very welcome right now.

So I know that I’m not going to want jumpers and probably not long sleeves so, I put aside two hoodies to take instead. You know for those slightly cooler days and for the evening. I’ve also put my raincoat there too since it folds up super small, is super light and you never know. With my luck it will rain everyday in Greece! Next is all the tops. Literally all the tops. For some reason I dont really like to wear tops too many times, one or two wears is really the max for me despite the fact that I know they can last two days really. But since they’re mostly short sleeved camis or really thin, I can afford to pack 10 tops. No more though, but Im only away 15 days, so really that would be plenty. Oh and then goes in my Pyjamas. Just some simple shorts. I have two pairs so that  can wash and rotate if I need to.

I also put aside a pair of jeans to wear on the plane. I was going to put aside two pairs, but then I remembered my trousers I recently bought. I affectionately call these hippy trousers, cause they remind me of my friend from university who wore these every single day of our inter railing trip. I now understand why. They are super soft! So I’ve packed three pairs. Two are patterned and the other is just plain black. I just love them, so I thought why not, they don’t take up much room.

I also packed a pair of shorts just in case, but I think I’ll pretty much live in these soft trousers! Can I just say how cute these shorts are though! I got these a couple of days ago from TopShop, when Jenny and I went out shopping and they are super super cute. I also managed to sneak in a soft pair of shorts too, just in case it is warm enough for shorts on a couple of days. Too optimistic? Ugh maybe but, Im just a positive person.

 Then goes in my swim suit and a really thin towel. I’m not planning on swimming much while we’re away, but we might go to the beach a couple of days. But a towel is an essential for a trip  like this. We won’t be staying in many hotels so if I don’t bring a towel. I probably won’t have one at all. And of course enough underwear for everyday. I don’t like to do washes while I’m away and underwear is really the only thing you cant wear more than once.

Next is my toiletries. Well, things like my hairbrush and  my toothbrush. I won’t actually be traveling with any toiletries at all. I’ll be getting them at the airport, since I cant take anything over 100 ml in hand luggage. My hair bush is a rose gold tangle teaser which I just go from Boots. I cant tell you how much better this is on my hair! Hairbrushes used to drag my hair out all the time, but this tangle teaser is brilliant. It comes everywhere with me.

Last but not least is my entertainment and work materials; my iPad, phone, camera and chargers are my electrical that need to do in. These all go into by Cath Kidston backpack. I’ll be using my iPad to write up each day, and to start on my essay. Oh and to read my books. Well hopefully at least. And thought Ill be using my phone as little as possible, I will need it for emergencies. I’ll also be taking a notepad for everyday notes and some pens, as well as my diary. Lastly, I’ve got my Greece Blue guide. This is an archaeology guide for our group that we need for research purposes. So yeah, kind of a must.

So that is what I’ve packed for my 2 week trip. Ive kept it as limited as possible. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and Ill hopefully update you with a photo post of my trip. Until then, enjoy xx




  1. April 5, 2018 / 01:15

    I’m such a chronic overpacker, I just like being prepared! I’m going to Paris for a week and the price for bags is crazy expensive! I’m going to try to pack as much as I for the 8 days that I’m there in my carry-on luggage. The one thing I noticed is that you aren’t bringing any makeup! I think my makeup and my shoes are the two things that take up the most space. How do you make room for them?! Great post, It really helped me figure out what to bring for my trip. Great post 🙂 xx

    Melina |

    • lifeaccordingtous
      April 5, 2018 / 05:39

      Hey Melina. I completely understand. I’m usually awful with overpacking, but since I’ve been at uni I’ve definitely been getting better with cutting down and prioritising. The reason I don’t have any make up in is because I rarely actually wear any. And I decided to take the opportunity to go without. But if you steadfast on taking some the best thing is to just prioritise you favourite bits. Try and only take what you absolutely need and if possible take minis! Also with shoes I literally took one pair, plus some flip flops I forgot to include. This trip for me is a student walking trip so we will rarely be going out to nice places to eat. Trainers are all I need. Again with shoes it’s about prioritising. Challenge yourself to pick out a couple of pairs of shoes and that’s it. Shoes are what takes up most of the room so those are the things your going to want to cut down on xx -h

        • lifeaccordingtous
          April 5, 2018 / 17:48

          Glad I could help. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with xx -H

          • April 5, 2018 / 18:57

            Trust me, I definitely will take you up on your offer, lmfaoo! xx

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