Mini Toiletries haul.

As I was saying in Wednesdays post, Im going away to Greece for 2 weeks and I’m only taking a cabin bag. This was enough of a challenge when it came to packing my bag, and I was originally going to pick up my toiletries at the airport. Except, my flight is at 7am…. So Instead, I decided to pick up some little minis from Boots. These little guys are allowed in the cabin bag, because they’re all under 100ml! Which is great. Yeah they’re a bit of a rip off but they will get me through. So I thought I would do a little haul of what I got to get me through 15 days in Greece.
Before I went off to buys my own stuff, I raided our cupboards to see what I could find already in the house. Lucky for me, I found these little beauties! A sanitary body wash and a Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner set. Can I just, before I continue, but how cute are these! Honestly they’re about the size of my palm and just super cute! I know these will last me too. When I went inter railing, I was away for 18 days and I used a mini shampoo and mini conditioner and they ran out on my last day! So I know that these guys will survive on my trip. If I was in a pool every day, well, that would be a totally different story. Bu on these walking trip, I know these will last. The body was is the only thing I’m probably going to need to get another of, but Im sure I can pick on up when this ones out.
I then headed out on my little walk through the rain to get to Boots. By the gods it will be so nice to see the sun… I was actually really disappointed with the collection available is Boots. I don’t know if it was just super busy this morning, but by the time I got there the amount of minis available was a little poor. Like sun cream. Honestly where’s all the mini suncream! We’ve decided to pick up a big bottle at the airport and share it between us, but i must admit its a little annoying. I did however, find a few little things I needed.
I picked up a mini toothpaste, which I know will last the entire trip and then some and Some deodorant. Of course. All the necessities and all. I also picked up some face wipes. Now I hate face wipes! So much. I much prefer to wash my face with face wash or cleanser, but I just don’t have room to take any with me. So I went with these Cucumber face wipes since I have heard good things about them and they seemed to be the most soothing and least abrasive. Lastly I pick up a mini razor, which was on sale so thank Zeus for that. These guys can get sooo expensive!

And those are the main toiletries that I’ve taken with me on my 2 week trip to Greece. As I said I’m also going to pick up some sun cream, aftersun and E45 cream (hopefully- but I’ll update you on that) at the airport before we leave. I hope this post may have given you some ideas of the essentials you may need on a trip like this.
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