A Day in London with Aladdin.

This Easter Saturday, my family and I planned a small trip into London to watch the Westend Aladdin production. I was super excited since I love the theatre so much and Disney, as you guys probably know. Plus I’ve recently watched nothing but Athenian tragedy’s at the theatre and if I have to watch another tragedy with death and sadness, I might just give up. So lets just say, a musical with lots of singing people, magical effects and dancing was definitely needed.
My temp mum is amazing and managed to get us some cheap, last minute pictures in the stalls, literally 2 days before. We were super lucky.
Since the play wasn’t until 2pm, we decided to lie in and have a chill. My brother, being 6 and all, isn’t really up for sleeping in, so he woke me up running about on the landing around 8am maybe? Either way, I rolled over and tried to sleep, but I was wide awake. So I sat up and got my laptop out and started my essays. I’ve had some really horrible essays due recently, and though I finished the majority of them a few days ago, I really wanted to give them an once over before I sent them to my AWAS tutor. If anyone’s curious thats a tutor who will read through your essay and help give you advise to fine tune them. They’re brilliant and really help boost your marks up that little bit more.
I got up officially at maybe around 10am, after I’d sent everything off and had a half an hour relax. So I definitely got my lie in of sorts. I instantly had breakfast (left over Chinese because – well just yes please!) and tidied up some of my stuff downstairs. I was feeling super productive so I raced upstairs to pack for my Study Tour trip and to get photos for the post. By the time I had finished and had lunch, it was almost time to go.
We left the house at 1pm to get to the theatre for 2pm to watch the play. It was so busy. I guess thats to be expected for such a high end, popular production.
The minute the play started I was entranced. It was amazing. Everything from the costumes to the music and the stage design. It was incredible. Even my little brother as in a salute awe over the cave of wonders scene and the flying carpet scene. Still haven’t figured out how they did that… You literally couldn’t see any wires or anything. Completely magical. Oh and that genie! He was hilarious! Every time he came on stage there was this amazing presence of just entertainment. He didn’t have to do or say much to make me laugh.
The only thing I would say is that I didn’t really enjoy the new songs. I dont even know why. Maybe it was the fact they just aren’t the classics or that I didn’t know that, but at first i really didn’t like them. since they have grown on me actually and by the end of the play I was really enjoying some of them, but I still loved the classics so much more. They were done ever so well. Especially ‘You’ve never had a friend like me’. It was so beautifully done.
And it was over way too soon. By 5pm we were done so we stumbled out of the theatre, my brother and I singing the songs all the way to YO!Sushi where we had a wonderful dinner before wondering around the shops and jumping on a train home.
In all I had a wonderful day and I loved the show so much. I couldn’t suggest it more to anyone whose visiting London and wants to get away from the rain for a good few hours. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what your favourite show is to see in London xxx
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