The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask Review.

It no secret to you guys that I love The Body Shop. I adore the values they stand for, cruelty free and as natural as skin care can get. I love them. Every couple of weeks, I wonder into their shop and have a little wonder around to see if theres anything new that I fancy a look at. Though I rarely pick anything up, its still a little ritual I love to do.

A good couple of months ago now, like maybe over 6 (whoops!), I celebrated my birthday. And for my birthday I received The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, which I had been asking for for months. Now the Body Shop face masks are a lot more expensive than those £1 face masks Jenny and I used to get from Boots whenever we had a sleepover, and as a student £17 is a lot to spend on something like this. So I patiently waited for my birthday and yes, I got it!! Yay! Okay, I know that was literally months ago now and Im only just getting around to reviewing it, but I actually got it before we even started our blog. It was only recently that we’ve started to settle into our niche and that I decided that I wanted to review it. So, here we go. Its been a while but this is my opinion of the mask. Enjoy xx

Can i just start with how beautifully simple this packaging is? Ugh! I love the Body Shop packaging. Its super simple and minimalist, but somehow graceful. I really love it. Size wise its a really good size. Its quite a big pot that you get for the price and though I’ve had it for maybe 7 months now, I’ve barely made much of an impact in it at all. I have a feeling that I should probably use it up soon or it will go off or something, but its lasted so long! Granted I don’t use it every week, but I wish I would.

Im really impressed with the overall product of the mask. The consistency is basically that of mud with bits in. Applying it is super easy and it applies rather thin, so you can really build up layers or go with a super thin layer if that works for you. I like to have a thin layer on my cheeks and upper lip, and build up to have a heavier layer on my T-zone. Even the thick layers though are super quick at drying and you can really feel it working. Is it just me or does it always feel better when a mask tingles on your skin? It makes me feel like tis really working and oh my gods this one does. It feels super fresh on and like I said, it really tingles on your skin making it feel like its really sinking in nicely. It feels super fresh.

I always find that it dries up super quickly, in about 5-10 minutes, but I always like to let it sit for an extra 5 minutes until it stops feeling so fresh. This is literally the funniest bit because its when I can’t move my face at all and the ‘bits’ are kinda hanging off weirdly. Literally its like stone on my face. But surprisingly its super easy to wash off! Despite the fact that it feels super solid on my face, I find that warm water on a face cloth wipes it off really easily with a little exfoliation.

After removing the face mask I can not tell you how soft my face feels after this mask! Its so ridiculously smooth! I will never get over the quality of this mask. Its fantastic. My face always feels super cleansed and fresh. The only thing I would say about it is that its still rather expensive for what it is. Yes, maybe its worth it for someone who has a little more money to spend on this kind of stuff. For those who don’t, it would be a perfect gift.
Thank you so very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Whats your favourite product from the Body Shop?


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