How I take and edit my Photos.

Recently I’ve been in love with taking photos for the blog. I don’t know whats made me so obsessed with photography, but I always have been. Ever since I was little I’ve loved it, hence why this blog is perfect for me. Since I’ve really got into a routine recently with my flat-lays, I thought I would share with you all how I take and edit them for this blog.

I always start off with the general set up. For the majority of my photos I use my bed and my bedding as the background or base for my pictures. I have this really lovely throw which I use for most of them, but I have to invert it. As its actual this lovely plum purple, but the fluffy white side is generally what I use the most. If I don’t Ive the throw, i use the white side of my bedding. I love the texture bedding creates in photos. I don’t know what it is but I always find that a plain white, flat surface is nice but it doesn’t add dimension. I love the depth bedding gives things.
The camera I use is a Canon EOS 600D, but the interesting thing that I use is my lens. When I first got this camera, I got it for my birthday many years ago, it came with this stub lens. This means that its a lens that has no zoom. It comes as it is. And for a long time the put me off it. It was either too zoomed in, or not zoomed in enough. Recently, I tried it again. And I’ve figured it out! It’s the perfect lens for portraits and still lives. I literally live for this lens now. Its perfect! Especially for flat-lays and such.

My next step is to organise my subject, in this case I was taking some stock photos for the blog or instagram. I like to try out different angles and arrangements at this point and just take loads and loads of photos. That way, I usually find at least a couple that I like. Oh, also I use natural lighting. You can always tell when I get home late and have to shoot with the overhead lights, because they always come out a lot warmer toned – basically orange (exhibit A) . I hate that but, sometimes I have no choice. Sometimes I try and drop the temperature in editing, which slightly helps, but sometimes it can make the image look really fake, so I rarely actually do that. Natural always works best for me.
Once I have a big selection of photos, I sit down in front of the TV and go through everyone and pick out a few that I like. Sometimes I’ll pick a few similar ones, but only use one in the end. So I pick out some of my favourites and airdrop them over to my iPad. I have this brilliant app called AirBrush, which I use to edit every single one of my photos. I edit them the exact same way every time. I always push the brightness up an lot, just to give it an extra hit. For this particular picture, I wanted it to be super light an airy, so the brightness went up quiet a lot. The contrast is the next to go up, just to add back in some extra shadow. I finally boost a little extra colour in. And thats it. Sometimes I crop the photos a little from the top and the bottom. I find that helps a little with the composition.
But that really is it. I do very little with my photos in terms of editing. Some people add filters and deal with levels and all that, but I just really focus on brightness and contrast. I hope that this may have helped some of you out with photos’ dn that you enjoyed. Thank you for reading xx
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