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April has been a great month! Don’t get me wrong its had its challenges in the way of headaches and essays however, I did get to go home for half of it which was great! I always love to spend time with my family. I thought in today’s post I would share with you a mixture of things I have been loving this month so sit back and enjoy!

I am going to start with the miscellaneous things first then go onto fashion and beauty.

Ryvita, Garlic and herb philadelphia, Breaded ham and Cucumber

So I thought I would start off with food, as I always seem to be thinking about food. This month I have discovered a new favourite food – Ryvita! As I have been trying to eat healthier this month, Ryvita has been an important food in my life! It is so light and goes wonderfully with many different other foods! My favourite combination to have with my Ryvita is Philadelphia spread, ham and cucumber! Seriously this combination is so good! It is healthy and provides with me enough energy for the rest of the day! It is quite light so depending on how hungry you get you can change up how many pieces you have. I normally have three but its up to you. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to eat healthy, just grab some ryvita and whatever toppings you like (I would suggest vegetables and a spread) and eat away.

Jess and Gabriel EP – Greater

Okay I have been obsessed with Jess and Gabriel’s new EP – Greater! For those of you who don’t know, Jess and Gabriel are two Christian Youtuber’s who upload main channel videos and have a vlog channel together. They are so cute together and never fail to make me happy! For me, it is so nice to see Christian Youtuber’s as they have helped me through a lot and inspired me for my own Christian life. When I first heard this album, I thought it was really cool as it was different to any other Christian music I had really heard before. I know they are all covers of songs but I love their interpretation and think they are both extremely talented. Even if you have no faith, this is a great album to listen to with a really great vibe, very calming.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ~ Friday Forty Link

OH MY DAYS. There is not much else I really can say other than the fact that this was amazing! For all you Harry Potter fans out there I would highly recommend going to see Cursed Child in the theatre. Yes it is quite expensive but my family and I were lucky enough to get seats through the Friday Forty which is an event the theatres put on where you can get discounted tickets to see the Cursed Child. Although I have to admit, the seats are quite uncomfortable especially if you have long legs as you don’t get much leg room so your legs stiffen up lots. It is also a long play and has two halves of 2 hours and 40 minutes each with a 20 minute interval in that time. However, it is so worth the leg cramps and sitting down for a long time. The magic and the effects are insane with each actor giving an amazing performance. I am not going to tell you anything about it as I do not want to spoil it! For those of you wondering, I did not read the book (even though I have it) before going to see it in the theatre as I wanted it to be a surprise and my friend said its better to see it first then read the book. Although, if you have read the book you should definitely go and see the play. It is great to see it played out in the theatre and an amazing experience. Just go and see it everyone! You won’t regret it!

Topshop ~ T-Shirt Link

Topshop has become my new favourite shop which is probably a bad thing considering I am a student and don’t have the money for it but oh well. There stuff is just way too nice! Every time I have gone in there recently, I have always come out with an item of clothing. My most recent purchase is in the photo above. I got this bright pink t-shirt in the sale for £12.00 which I think is a bargain. I love the colour of it, especially for summer, and love the quality of the material. Although Topshop might be on the pricy side, you do definitely get what you pay for, high quality items that last a long time. I have now upgraded all my jeans to Topshop (Jamie ones) and I adore them. Yes they are expensive with an average cost of £40.00 but they make my curves look good whilst still being comfortable and last a long time.

New Look ~ Blouse Link

Although Topshop has become my new favourite store, New Look would have to be second! There clothes are so nice and so affordable! I love there shoe range as well and am currently eyeing up about 3 pairs of heels in there! The top in the picture above was my most recent purchase. It is a light blue button up blouse with short sleeves and is such a nice light material for summer. It only cost me £15.99 – bargain! I would definitely recommend visiting New Look and having a glance at there summer range as it is so nice and very affordable, in my personal opinion anyway!

Puma Suedes in Grey ~ Puma Suede Link

These have been one of my favourite purchases that I have made this month. I bought these shoes with the intention of wearing them with my white jeans, yes I bravely purchased some white jeans. I had a lot of black shoes in my collection which I love but needed something a bit lighter that would go with my white jeans. So when I saw these for £37.00, yes £37.00, I just had to get them! They are literally so comfy! Breaking them in was easy, I didn’t get any blisters, nothing hurt, which I was shocked at as my vans have taken me ages to break into, but these puma shoes were amazing! Whilst buying them I also realised my boyfriend had a pair of Puma Suedes already but in Navy blue so now we are matching … not trying to be cringe in anyway! Love these shoes! Great decision!

Also just a side note, if any of you are wanting to purchase any of these clothing items or want to see exclusive outfit pictures, then head over to our 21buttons at lifeaccordingtous18 to view our outfits. Both Hana and I will be posting on there are favourite outfits!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette ~ Naked Heat Palette Link

I know I have shown this already in a blog post of what I got for my birthday but I been obsessed with using this recently. I love the orange colours in it and the ‘heat’ colours in it making my eyes look popping for the summer. The shadows are so easy to blend in as well that this palette is just like a dream! I think in the future I am going to look to get the other Naked palettes as they really are impressive and wonderful shades. If you are looking for a new summer palette I would totally recommend this Urban Decay Heat Palette however, it is quite expensive but definitely worth it!

The Righteous Butter Diamond Edition ~ Soap and Glory Body Butter Link

The smell! The glitter! The cream! Just amazing! I got given this by Hana and oh my days am I glad I did. This cream has got me through those rough leg days when my legs look very dry and disgusting. This has managed to leave my legs looking moisturised and smooth especially after I have shaved my legs. The thing about this butter, is that the glitter in it (yes it has a shimmer to it hence the diamond edition) makes your skin glow and look wonderful in the sun! At first I didn’t realise how shimmery it was going to be and didn’t know if I would like it but since being out in the sun and just noticing that my skin is brighter and shimmering, I love it! Although, the thing that draws me most to this moisturiser is the smell! All Soap and Glory stuff smells amazing but in particular their body butters. Love it! I also have the two perfumes in this scent as well which I pretty much use everyday! Just cannot get enough of the scent.

Carvela Shoulder Bag ~ Carvela Bag Link

Everyone meet my baby. Carvela! What a wonderful little bag! I bought this for the Aintree Races which I went to earlier this month and oh my gosh, best decision ever! It was on sale for £39.00 and I was like … yep that’s going in my basket! The grey colour I love, you know me I like my whites, greys and blacks, and the tassel on the zip is another lovely little asset to the bag. I love the cold detailing of the writing on the front along with the gold chains that attach the bag to the strap. It is the perfect little size for putting your stuff for a night out. I managed to fit quite a lot in there including purse, sunglasses, tickets and makeup. I am so excited to use it on my next day out!


Last but not least, my favourite jewellery over the last month has been my rings. I own a lot of rings but tend not to really wear them unless I am going on a nice day out or out for the evening with my boyfriend. However, I purchased some new rings from Miss Selfridge in the sale and really wanted to wear them so began to rings more and more. I am slightly obsessed with wear rings now. Especially the combination of rings in the picture above. The silver one, is a gorgeous ring from Pandora with the other two golden rings from Miss Selfridge. I love rings and jewellery but generally only buy it when it is in the sale as it is quite expensive otherwise.

There you have it then. My April 2018 Favourites! It has been a great month with lots of favourites, as you can see! I am excited for May now to see what new favourites I will discover!

If you have any questions or thoughts on anything written in this post, then please feel free to comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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