Greece Lookbook.

As some of you may know, I’ve recently been on a Study Trip to Greece for 2 weeks, and I went with very little. i thought I would share with you some of the looks and outfits I managed to pull together – particularly the ones which I liked the most.On our first big day of the trip, I wanted to wear something light and cool and something that I would be comfortable in all day. So I paired together this grey top from Hollister, which I love, and these jean shorts from Top Shop. I love this top so much. It’s super light and airy, and its really easy to wear with everything. I’m not sure if Hollister still stocks this, as I bought it quite a while ago, but they do similar tops in the summer season. These shorts were worn so much too! They are super comfy and they just look great with pretty much everything.

Top; Hollister – £14 (Sorry its no longer stocked)

Shorts; Top Shop – £35

The next couple of days were a little cooler so I took to wearing my precious hippy trousers with my jumper tied around my waist. This particular look was one of my favourites and I wore it on the da trip to Thebes. I am wearing my long black trousers, with an old white ‘Once Upon A Time’ t-shirt and my SuperDry hoodie. My shoes are some super comfy bluesy-purple Sketchers. They have this memory foam sole which makes them perfect fo days of walking.

Top; It was a gift, so I don’t know where it came from, but i think it was from Amazon.

Trousers; Primark – £7

Hoodie; Superdry – £59.99

Shoes; Sketchers – £64

This was probably one of my favourite outfits. This was the outfit I trip on in the shop and adored from the start. It was a bit of an impulse buy and I love it. The blue body suit is the first bodysuit I’ve ever owned and I found it to be super comfortable. Plus I love how it works with these shorts. I bought them both from TopShop and I kinda have to blame Jenny for telling how good they look for me buying them. This was the only day I wore both, since this was the only day we weren’t walking around ancient site and were relaxing in the countryside instead. It was paired with the same shorts as before and my navy blue Bralette – I would have liked to have a white version, but I didn’t have time to find one before I left.

Bodysuit: Topshop – £19

Bralette; Hollister – £14 (Out of stock but I’ve linked a similar)

This has got to be one of the softest tops in the world! I got this on my Liverpool weekend trip away and honestly it was one of my favourite tops. But it was also a real pain to dress. I love the top but because its cropped to a weird length, it didn’t quite go with all my high waisted stuff. So I found these shorts and I managed to tuck it in nicely which worked for me. Ideally I think it would go better with some jeans , but I’m still happy.

Top; Jack Wills – £14 (Bought from an outlet)

Shorts; Primark – £4

This was one of my go tops when it got a bit chillier, a zip up hoodie. I took two with me on the trip just in case one got dirty and it got cold in the endings. In the end I ended up using them quite a bit. I’m not going to lie, this hoodie is particularly old but I know you can find similar ones in store.

Hoodie; Hollister – £45 (similar)

My next outfit involved my £4 Primark shorts, my halter Bralette and this beautiful SuperDry top. This top is again from a previous season and I’m not sure if their in stock anymore, but I’m sure you can still find them on DePop or something similar. I should also mention my sunglasses at this point since I was wearing them literally everyday. They are from River Island and hey are now blessed by the gods. See I dropped them into an inaccessible ancients site – don’t worry i got them back. But wow I feel silly.

Top; Superdry – £14.99 (No longer sold)

Sunglasses; River Island – £14

We only went to the beach once, but that was enough of an opportunity to break out the swimming costume! I was so excited to get into the sea to swim I forgot to get photos before, so instead you get my semi wet hair 😉 I love this swimming costume! I bought it last summer, completely on a whim and its amazing! Though from the front it look like a one piece, from the back it looks like a two piece, with the top literally being a mass of straps. Sorry I forgot to get a photo of that, but you can see the costume in full here.

Swimsuit; Abercrombie and Fitch – £58

Somehow we’ve reached my final outfit. To be honest this outfit is a bit of a mash up of bits form other outfits you’ve already seem. The Once Upon a Time top, with the Topshop shorts and my River Island sunglasses. I wore this outfits to one of my favourite sites of all time, Nemea, and maybe that why it sits so well with me. But this got me 5 miles from the ancient site all the way to the modern town in less than an hour. I love it.

I should probably say at this point that this wasn’t all I wore for two weeks straight, in face I had loads more clothes that you haven’t seen here. These were just my favourite outfits put together. I hope you enjoyed the post, please let me know what you think down below in the comments.

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