Greece Photo Diary

As those exam months are starting to creep up on me, all I can feel is grateful for my little study trip to Greece. Soon enough, we will all be sitting down in those dingy dark exam halls, with the sun blazing outside, dreaming of the world outside. So on my trip to Greece, I really made the most of the sun and just being outside. I don’t think their was a single day where we spend even half the time indoors. And it was amazing!

I had never been to Greece before. Well not that I remember. Apparently my parents took me when I was 2, but I really cant remember any of it other than this big hut but the beach where apparently I went to kids club. But Im not sure that counts. In the past I’ve been to Spain and Italy, but neither of those have the level of ancient culture which I longed to see – and well, this was the reason I was here in the first place. Greece was so different. It was hot and sunny, yes, but it was also different. I cant quite put my finger on what made this place so different for me, but I know that there was something about some of the places I went here, that I just loved.

One of my absolute favourite stops was Delphi. If you go to Greece in April, you have to stop off in Delphi! The whole town is so very sweet, although very touristy, but its built on the side of this beautiful valley, and in the spring its just covered in wild flowers. Looking down a valley on a warm day to a hill side covered in flowers of every colour is such a beautiful sight. We even spent an entire day just walking down the valley and sitting amongst the flowers. It was so relaxing.

Likewise, Nafplio was also a favourite destination stop for me. Its this sweet little old fortified port with a castle on the top of the hill and forts and stone walls all around the town. Oh and beach! Dipping your feet into the cold sea after almost 2 whole weeks of walking around can do wonders to relieve the ache. The girls and I went for this little swim just off the shore, and it was so lovely. You could see for miles and though the water was cold, the sun shone and warmed us even there. I have this theory about holidays and swimming, that if you don’t swim in the sea at a beach side holiday, you are missing out.

Its weird. I never like to swim in the sea at all until a couple of months ago. In fact as a kid I hated it! I wouldn’t go anywhere near saltwater pools or the sea. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to love it. I went on a yacht with my aunt in Dubai (Hades have I ever sounded so posh!?) and swam in the sea there for the first time in years, and I love it! Ever since I’ve taken every opportunity I could. So there was no way that once I found out that we would be by the sea in Greece, that I wasn’t going to go for a swim.

I have always been a huge lover of traveling. Traveling for me is like breathing air. I need to see new things, try new food and hear new languages. Greece was no disappointment in that. I saw new things and tried new food and probably massacred a whole new language in my attempts. (Languages has never been my forte) If your planning on going I couldn’t encourage you enough, especially in those early moths of the year when the bright flowers are out for all to see and the grass in bright green.

Thank you for reading and let me know below where your favourite place to travel is.





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