Apple Watch Series 3 Review

As some of you may know, I had my Birthday in December and with the money I got from my Birthday and Christmas, I decided to buy an Apple Watch. I had wanted an Apple Watch for quite some time but obviously, as a student money is quite restricted. When it came to my Birthday and Christmas, I pretty much asked for money from most of my family as I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. When I came back to university in January after the holidays, I decided to take a trip into town to treat myself and use my holiday money. I was torn between a ps4 and an Apple Watch! In the end I chose the Apple Watch as it would have cost more for the ps4 as I would have had to purchase a TV as well! So I got the Apple Watch. In this post I am going to write a review on the watch in case any of you are thinking about getting it and answering the ultimate question of whether it is worth the money.

First things first, I bought the watch from John Lewis for £299.00 with Tech added care for an additional £25 for two years. So the overall cost of the watch was £324.00. Which I don’t think is too bad for an Apple Watch with 2 years added care. For those of you wondering I got the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS with a 38mm screen. I did not get the Cellular one as that was more expensive and didn’t see much point. I got it with the Silver Aluminium Case and the Fog sport band however, you can change the bands for the watch so if I ever want to change the colour of the band I can.

Secondly, the range of faces you can get on the Watch is awesome. You can get Minnie and Mickey Mouse watch faces, time-lapse watches which show a time-lapse of different cities such as London, New York and Hong Kong. You can also customise watch faces with your photos and get a Toy Story face!! You can have multiple faces on your watch and switch between them by just swiping across which I find cool. I only have three watch faces on my watch so far but have changed the faces up often deleting and creating new ones. The three faces I have currently on my watch are;

The Activity Watch Face

The Utility Watch Face

The Kaleidoscope Watch Face

I currently have the Kaleidoscope on my Watch but I switch between the three of them depending on how I am feeling. You can also customise the other widgets that are found on the face for example in the Kaleidoscope face, I have the battery percentage in the top left corner, messages in top right corner and date at the bottom but you can change it around depending on what apps you want on the face. You also have a home screen where it has all the apps on your watch. As my watch is linked up to my phone, if I download an app on my phone that you can also get on the watch, it will automatically add that app to my watch which is so clever!

The Home Screen Watch Face

As you can see from the image, I have apple music, my activity circles, timer, phone, emails, heart rate and wallet. Some of the apps on the watch only work when the app is open your phone which I don’t mind too much. One cool perk is that when I have google maps open on my phone and ask it for directions, the directions will also come up on the watch.

Google Map Directions on iPhone and Apple Watch

Another awesome perk is the camera app. So if want to take a picture but do not want to be holding the phone, you can put down the phone and put it on the timer then get into position and press the shutter button on your watch. Furthermore, on the watch face it also shows you what your iPhone is taking a picture of.

You can take a picture on your phone through your watch

As you can see in the picture above, the picture on the iPhone is also shown on the Apple Watch screen so you can see what you are taking a picture of. One of apps I use the most is the music app. When listening to music on phone which is generally tucked into my back pocket when walking, I can control the music volume from my watch as well as pausing it and moving from track to track.

Apple Music App

Siri on the watch is also cool. You can hold down the top side button for Siri which I use often when I want Siri to set a timer on a watch. As well as Siri, you can reply to messages you receive by either speaking or by drawing out the letters to form the words.

Overall, there are some fabulous apps on this watch and I am still finding out new things as I go along. Although it is expensive and many of you might think that it is a waste of money, I have really enjoyed having this watch and have found the perks really cool. Also the straps are really comfy and I feel like the 38mm watch (which is the smallest size) is a great size for my wrist.

38mm Watch with Fog Wrist Band

I thought I would just add a little side note about the charge of the watch. For those of you wanting to know, it takes just under 2 hours for me to charge it from 0 – full charge and then will last around 72 hours (three days). Pretty good I know!

If you have any more questions about the Watch or want to know anything else feel free to leave comment or email us and I would love to help. There are some other features that I haven’t talked about like the way you raise your wrist in order to see the watch face and the different functions on the Watch like the theatre mode and the water mode so if you want to know more about those just let us know.

I hope you enjoyed this post and for any of you considering getting a watch, I would recommend and think it is WORTH the money. I do not regret buying it and fits nicely with my Apple Product Collection.



  1. May 14, 2018 / 00:32

    This post was actually super helpful. I’ve been deciding if I wanted to get an apple watch or not. I think the apple watch looks really sleek and beautiful. One thing I would love to know is if the battery lasts long on a charge. I don’t want to purchase something that’s going to need constant charging. I really like that you can change the clock heads. I didn’t know you can do that. Great post! xxx

    Melina |

    • lifeaccordingtous
      May 14, 2018 / 12:24

      Thank you! You are welcome! Oh yeh the battery! I cannot believe I forgot to mention the battery. I will test it out on a full charge and will let you know how long it lasts and then will add it to the blog post as well. I will get back to you on how long the battery lasts but it has never been an issue for me! I normally charge it overnight. x

    • lifeaccordingtous
      May 21, 2018 / 17:13

      Hey so I timed it whilst it was charging and it took just under 2 hours to fully charge from no charge. It also lasted around 3 days so 72 hours! I hope thats okay 🙂 Hope this helps 😛 x

      • May 21, 2018 / 22:45

        This info was super helpful! omg, thank you so much 🙂 xx

        • lifeaccordingtous
          May 21, 2018 / 22:58

          Welcome! Anytime x

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