Mini Post-Exam Shopping Haul

The last couple of weeks have been probably some of the most stressful few weeks of my existence. Second year exams at uni are so much harder than first year, and I didn’t have that long to revise for them. On the plus side, I’ve finished super early in comparison to everyone else which is great! So to celebrate the end of my exams and to relieve some of the stress from the major cramming I did, I went into town to do a spot of shopping. Well specifically I went to Primark. If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you may know that I re-found my love of Primark recently and now I’m in love. During my revision sessions all I wanted was to run off to the shops to have a little browse. So once I was finished that exactly what I did. I thought I would share my little haul with you.So as I said, I went off to Primark the next day and well. Birmingham doesn’t have the best Primark in the world. There I said it! It has nothing on the Liverpool one, but I still managed to find a few good finds. After all, they are the same shop, just a different store right? Yes, so the first things I found were a few little tops from the ground floor. I dont know why I dont start at the bottom and work my way up, but I always end up doing this weird Ground Floor, -1, Ground, 1, Ground, thing. Ugh its a weird store, what can I say…These are the tops I found and loved, as well as this very pale lilac one which is very similar to the bee top. I love this bee top so much! Its so cute! And, it was only £4! So was the lilac top. I next found this adorable little Bambi top, which I had seen before when I went in Liverpool. I loved it then and I still adore it now, so I just had to pick it up. At £6 it was a real steal too and will be super cute in the summer with some high-waisted shorts or some jeans. Its the sketchy design that I love so much I think. Either way, I couldn’t put it back. Next is is stripped Stitch top, which I picked up for £8. Recently Ive had this little obsession with Stitch. Ever since I went inter railing and we went to Disneyland, where I bought myself a giant Stitch plush. So I really couldn’t walk past this no matter how hard I tried. Honestly, this material is so soft, i was surprised that Primark was selling it. Im so excited to try this top on. Super cute right?My next stop was the short section. I have a really exciting trip coming up in the summer, for which Im going to need lots of shorts and strappy tops (so I also picked up a basic pastel lilac Cami for £1.80). I’ve been told that its going to get really very hot so well a stop at the short section was necessary. Plus I saw these at a distance and I knew that I wasn’t leaving the shop without them. They’re really light and airy, and a decent length, which is so hard to find these days. They were a bit pricier at £8, but for shorts thats really nothing, so I thought why not. I’m thinking that they would look really nice with my bee top or another white tee. Let me know what you think below.

Okay so after a while I went back around to the Disney tops section and I guess someone must have been putting more things out because I found this super-soft Bambi top that was definitely not there before! It was so cute, I just couldn’t leave it behind. Im not going to lie, I rarely wear colours like pale pink, but I just loved it so much and I thought it would be perfect for flights (hint hint!). So at £10, I pick up this bargain, before heading towards the checkout. And on the way I found yet another thing…. So the checkout isn’t exactly near the Home stuff, but I ended up there. Whoops? Where I found this adorable bedding set! You guys will know if you saw my liverpool post, that I love Primark bedding. Its super cheap, soft and is rather durable. Plus I love doing up my bed ready for the next season. I love bit of choices. Primark must be bringing out a new series of Disney bedding, because there were a few similar to this one, but I just thought it was so cute! It was a little bit more expensive that usual, at £20, but I just fell head over heels. At which point I decided it was time to leave the shop….

I was actually really surprised, but that was all i got in primark. I looked around all the other sections and there are definitely some bags that Im really considering and some pyjamas, but for this trip I decided that I wasn’t going to get them today. Instead, I got my stuff from Primark and made my way over towards the bullring and I ended up in Hollister.
I really like Hollister. It just annoys me the high price for the clothes. But the quality is always brilliant and I’ve got admit, I love their underwear. And their tops. And their hoodies. Okay. I just love Hollister stuff…Ugh. Anyway, I walked in the shop knowing what I wanted. I just wanted a get myself a new halter bra, a white one so that it would go with my pale blue TopShop bodysuit, which you guys can see here. I have a deep blue one already, so I knew what size I wanted and which one I liked, so it was a really quick and easy find. Then I went downstairs to have a little…. That was a bit for a mistake, because I immediately saw this gorgeous playsuit which I then ran off to try on. Luckily I wasn’t too sure about it on, and I’m still thinking about it, so i left the store with only the bralette. £14 damage in Hollister isn’t too bad, so Im not feeling to bad about going in now, but Im still thinking about that romper…
Lastly I went to Boots, where I really wanted to pick up a hair mouse. See Ive naturally for rather curly, frizzy hair and I’ve kinda just always straightened it or lived with it. The last couple of months I’ve had so many compliments for my friends on my natural curls, that I really wanted show them off, but they always frizz by the end of the day or at least by the next. Its just hard to deal with. So I talked to a friend of mine with much more curly hair and she told me about mouse. So I thought I would try some. I picked up this bottle for £5.99, which I don’t think is terrible, especially since I used a voucher left over from Christmas.

So that was my mini haul from my Post-Exam shopping trip into Birmingham. I didn’t spend very much since I have a huge trip coming up, and well, Im a student at the end of the day. I hope you enjoyed it and if you bought something recently that you think I should check out, let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!



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