iPhone 8 Review.

As you can probably tell from our blog and some of our posts, Jenny and I are total Apple sold babes. I have had an iPhone since my dad gave me his old iPhone 3m when I was 12. So when the time came for me to upgrade once more, I barely thought about deterring from the usual iPhone line. I had previously had a 6s, which to be honest was brilliant. I loved it so much and I probably wouldn’t have upgraded if I hadn’t had a small accident with it (yes it hit the floor and the screen was destroyed….). I must say I was tempted but the Samsung Galaxy for a few moments, but Apple drew me back in with their own new releases.

I was so excited when the time came for me to ring up and sort out an upgrade, but it did take me absolutely forever to find a deal I, as a student, could afford. Phone prices are just so expensive these days. Its ridiculous. Anyway, I got super lucky with carphone warehouse doing a good deal on the iPhone 8, that I could afford and somehow it came with 15GB of data? Not sure how that happened but I snatched it up super quickly.

When my new phone arrived I was super excited! Theres nothing like opening an Apple box to see the delight inside is there? I got the phone in gold since everything else i have thats Apple is gold, and I wanted to have my little matching set. I must say that the finish of the phone is amazing and I cant even explain to you how much I love the glass back. Its just so lovely to hold and super smooth. I know some people have been complaining about its weight compared to the 7, but as I never had a 7 and I went straight from the 6s, I can barely tell the difference and it honestly doesn’t bug me at all. I just love the slimness and the smoothness of the phone.

Okay so the one thing thats really got me since getting this, and I know Im late on the bandwagon, but the headphone port! Its so annoying. I keep taking out my old headphones only for them to not fit my phone and its really frustrating. At least my wireless beats make up for that factor, and I do like how it has less ports on the device. It was just a hole I fell into a few times. But over all the physical phone is amazing. Its super sleek, pretty and lightweight. Its perfect for what I need.

I am loving the space on this phone! On my old 6s, I only had 16GB, 12 of which was taken up with the system. It sucked. I had to keep deleting music and photos, just so I could take more and it was becoming a real pain, especially after we made the blog. I’m always taking photos for the blogs on my phone now, because I have the space and the cameras so good! But Ill get to that in a moment. Now that I have 64 GB, I’m loving the peace and quiet. Before, my phone was constantly telling me that it was out of storage and now I dont hear a peep! Its great! I have 3 times the amount of photos, apps and music than I used to have and I’ve barely touched the 16 GB mark! Its brilliant. And it so much quicker because of it. My old phone worked rather well, but it was developing a bit fo a drag while typing. And this one has nothing.

Okay the camera. This has got to be probably one of my absolute favourite things about this phone. The camera is amazing! Well compared the the 6. It sounds weird but its got a depth go field which I never expected and its so brilliant because of it. Its a bit fo a shame that you can only get portrait mode on the plus, which is far to big for my little hands, as I’ve grown obsessed with it on my mums phone. But the camera quality far makes up for it. I cant tell you how much I love the camera on this phone. I now take so many photos for the blog or the instagram on it, it seems ridiculous that my old phones camera was so shocking in comparison.

Overall I am loving the new iPhone 8. Its a huge step up from my old phone and I’m loving all the space and the amazing camera that this one has. What phone do you guys have? Thanks so much for reading xxx







  1. May 17, 2018 / 01:57

    I have the Iphone 6 at the moment, and I’ve been thinking about updating soon. I want to upgrade to a new apple, but I hate the Iphone X, and I’m not a fan of the 8 either. The idea that phone providers are getting rid of the headphone jack is a little ridiculous. The google Pixel, another phone that I thought was gorgeous, also got rid of theirs! I don’t know what I’m going to do. Might hold off to the next apple launch and hope for the best! Great post love, I’m glad to see how much you love it xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    • lifeaccordingtous
      May 17, 2018 / 07:00

      I do love it, but I get that it might not be for everyone. The headphone jack was the biggest change for me, but since I mostly use my wireless Beats its not been too much of a hassle, and it does come with head phones that fit. Maybe have a look at the Samsung Galaxy (S9 I think is the newest?), I was super tempted by it and it looks really good. Thanks for reading Melina 🙂 xx

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