Goodbye 2nd year!

As of May 9th 2018, I have finally completely and utterly finished my second year of University. Yep, thats right, I’m free!! Although I must admit, being free has left me very confused as to what to do with my life right now. Literally, my life is revise this, read this, write this essay and prepare for this exam. Im not very sure what to do with myself without being a student. This is the issue I come across every single summer, although some more than others. See this summer is particularly long. I’ve finished a month earlier than I did last year, and the real bite is, no-one else is finished. And Im totally alone in my freedom.

Now, I do have a few things to-do this summer, in regards to exciting dissertations (yay?) and further research. But thats not exactly how I plan on spending my last real summer of freedom. I do have a very exciting “excursion” planned which Ill tell you guys all about soon enough, but for now I need to find ways to pass my time which are fun, relaxing and/or productive.

So I’ve decided to go home for a bit. See the family and run my rounds visiting everyone I can before i jet off out of the country for nearly 4 months. How very exciting, yes? Oh Im so excited, but I’m also super nervous. I’ve never done anything even close to what Im doing in June and its going to be a huge change for me. Im also little concerned about getting up blog posts and the like. I know that for a large chunk of the time, I’m not going to have Wifi, although I may be able to get it in the evenings some time. I suppose that will have to do. Anyway, I’ll cover that another time.

For now, I am so very excited to have completed yet another year at University and to have a whole summer to do what I please. So far I’ve started to rewatch Poldark, taken my mother to watch The Greatest Showman (she loved it as I knew she would) and am working around the house to spend time with family and pets.

If you have any ideas as to what I can do that would be both productive and entertaining, let me know in the comments below. Until then, thank you for reading xx








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