May favourites.

I must admit, May has been a bit of a weird month for me. I started this month with exams and revision on the brain but within a few days I was onto the assignments and essays due after my exam and then I was done. It kind of came at a bit of an anti-climax to me. I kept thinking “and then?”, but I guess it never came. There was far too much build up for freedom and I was a little scuppered for things to do. So I sent the time doing literally, whatever I wanted to do. So here are my month favourites, some things that got me through the exams and that blank space I had afterwards.

The 100

First I have The 100. And for this I mean both the TV series and the books! I’ve really loved TV shoe for a really long time and after my exams I binged the lot to catch up and fell back in love with it. So when I wondered into the The Works and found this series on sale, it was amazing. I’ve been loving the series so much, though I won’t talk much about it now as I’ve got a review going up soon where I’ll go into far more detail. Either way, I’ve been loving this so much this last month and hopefully the next few months too!

My New iPhone 8

I recently upgraded my phone and goodness I am loving the upgrade! Its brilliant. I did write a review of it which you can read here┬áso Im not here to write that or anything similar. But honestly I’ve actually been loving my phone this month. See I’ve never really been the kind of person who is constantly on their phone, or even really like having a phone on them all the time, but recently I have! Its been great! I’ve loved taking photos on it and finding new apps – its been a real love for me this month.

Botanics Skin Care

I used to use the Botanics range from Boots all the time, in fact I also wrote a review which you can read here (although its an early post so forgive). I actually really love the scent of this range and the ease of the toner spray (so much easier and less wasting as there are no cotton pads at all involved!). Ive been using the cleanser, the moisturisers and the toner religiously recently. They’re super gentle and kind to my skin, so yes, this range is the skin care I’ve really enjoyed this month and if you haven’t tried it yet, honestly you must!

Notebook Therapy

So I found this website a couple of weeks ago and honestly Im in love! I went through all their amazing things and though I only bought a few things, just incase it looks to good or something, I love what came. I ordered both a notebook, after which they are named and definitely best at, and a phone case, which is how I found it in the beginning. When the order came I was so impressed! Yes it took a while to come (around a month) and each thing did come separately, but I was updated throughout the entire delivery and the order was brilliant once it came! This notebook… I just cant, its amazing! So beautiful, and it glows in the dark. I cant recommend them highly enough.

Amazon Prime Video

Since being off uni, I’ve been slightly bored. Okay not slightly at all. I have been so bored! So When I remembered that with Amazon Prime I had this, and it meant that I could binge all those shows which we don’t get in the Uk or on Netflix. So I’ve been using it to watch the 100 and a few films on those rainy days or before I’ve gone off to bed. Its been really invaluable for this reason to be honest and I know its going to be great while I travel over the summer.

Walking with my dogs through the forests

The sun came out! I mean the actual, real sun came out in England!! I didn’t know if that was even possible, but yes we’ve actually had quite a lot of sun in the last few weeks or so of this month. I mean we’ve also had an extraordinary amount of rain, especially at my uni where most of it was flooded… Yes even inside. Well done England. As always, ever consistent with your weather. anyway, while I was at home with my boys (yeah the dogs) I really loved my afternoon walks with them in the local forest. Its so peaceful and I love watching my dogs so happy.


Netflix has been something that I loved for a really long time. I think pretty much everyone whose had it or has it, loves it or at least has enjoyed it in the past. I think its a fantastic invention for basically the purpose of bing watching anything and everything. Its brilliant. Especially in that time after my exams and before the sun really came out. It was a real blessing.

So those are my May favourites for this month. What were you’re favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments below, I always love reading your comments xxx





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