Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Review.

I haven’t done a Book review in a while. well I haven’t read a non-academic book in a while, so Im super excited to share a new one with you today! So a couple of days ago, I watched a film on Netflix – you know out of “I’ve watched all my shows over twice and I need something new” kinda boredom – called Maximum Ride. The concept really intrigued me, you know children who were part of a human experiment that merged them with animals kinda thing, so I looked into it a bit more. Now the film itself, though wasn’t 10/10 in my opinion, was really interesting and I did find myself looking up the books after it was over. I had heard of the book series before, however I had never once thought about reading them. I suppose thats because I never knew enough about them.

‘Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment’, by James Patterson | ★★★★✩

So I was super interested so I bought the book on kindle a couple of days ago, and Im done. Literally I couldn’t put it down. I read the entire thing in 2 days, baring in mind I spent all of yesterday out with family. Granted, the chapters are tiny, only a few pages each, but i actually really likes that factor. At the begin of the book, each chapter was about a different of the main 6 character, yet it was still narrated by Max (the main character, she’s Maximum Ride) for each one, which made it really nice to read. I found myself weighting for certain characters chapters so that I could find out more about their story, Angles story was particularly fascinating to me.

I believe the Maximum Ride series are classed under YA. It does have some of what my parents would call “mature themes”, however I think young teenagers would also enjoy the book. In fact they may be a great present for any teen kid (especially girls probably, thought boys would still find it good fun) interested in this kind of thing. Oh gods I’ve just realised, I haven’t even explained what that kinda thing is. Right…

So Maximum Ride follows the story of 6 kids who were brought up in lab called ‘The School’. Except this school is much ruler than you can imagine and these kids aren’t exactly normal. They’ve been genetically grafted with avian DNA – their part bird. Which gives them these cool skills and abilities, as well as. Well. They have wings. Their entire lives, they’ve been kept in animal (mostly dog) cages/crates and had horrible experiments and tests forced on them. 4 years before the start of the book they were freed by their friend or father figure, Jeb. But he went missing a couple of years ago and now the earners (mutants that are a cross between man and wolf) have come for them, to take them back to the School.

Its a brilliant concept, if written for a younger age bracket than I fit, but really enjoyed it. I thought it was really gripping and I really loved the fact that they could fly and the characterisation was brilliant. Each of the kids were pretty realistic and their want for a family, parents, is completely comparable to orphans – which after all is what they are. Max was super assertive and a strong leader, except well she’s a 14 year old girl and thought the entire thing she has no idea what she was doing other than keeping the others alive. Iggy, though blind, had a fantastic sense of sarcasm and wit, which i found so funny at times. But the sweetness of Angel was the real heart wrenched of the tale. I will definitely be getting the next one in the series since I really want to find out more about so of the characters.

Where can you find the book:
Paperback: Amazon – £7.74
PaperbackWaterstones – £7.99
Kindle: Amazon – £4.99







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