My Hand Luggage for America.

As you guys really must know by now, and are most probably rather sick of hearing about it, I’m going on a huge trip to America this summer. I won’t go over the details of it, you can read about it here, but basically I’m away for over 3 months! By the time you’re reading this, I would have flown just over a week ago, and 4 days ago I posted about packing for this trip. I thought I would do my ‘whats in my hand luggage’ for you too.

So to start off, my flight is over 8 hours long. Thats a rather long time, and though I’ll have  in-flight entertainment provided for the duration of the flight, I always like to make sure I have a lot other things to do on the flight. So I like to pack up my little back pack up with all the things I could possibly need for a long time in one seat.The first thing to ever go into my carry on is my Electronics. I hate the idea of packing away my important electrics into the hold and never seeing it again because it got lost or something. Honestly one of my worst fears! And no thats not because Im addicted to my phone or because I need electronics so much, but because most of them are really expensive and I cant afford to replace them, or more often than not, they hold personal value. My camera for example, was a birthday gift when I was 14, which I sold my Nintendo DSi for and which has come with me on every holiday I’ve been on since. So thats honestly the first thing in my bag. That is along with my iPad and iPone charger. I use the same charger for both.

Also like to pack away a spare pair of clothes. if I was getting a flight that would land late, I would also tend to pack a pair of Pyjamas too. This is because I’ve actually gone through the whole ‘we lost your luggage’ thing once before and had nothing. Luckily the really lovely girl on reception found some old tops from an old uniform and let me wear a gigantic one to bed. But I’m never going through that stress again. So I always pack a spare pair of clothes. Lets face it, when you land in a hot country after a long flight, all you want to do is get hanged and quick. So for this i picked a pair of basic grey running shorts and a white top, perfect for summer vibes. Next in goes my iPad. See, I use my iPad on holiday as a kindle or a electronic book, as books are way too heavy to carry around with you. I also basically use it as my laptop so this is a must when it comes down to it! I always tuck this in my secret back pouch so that its out of the way an super easy to grab when I go through security.

Along with my iPad, I also throw in my Beats headphones which i zip up in its case. I also wrap my Apple headphones and extra Beats lead in the pouch, as it keeps them all together. It just keeps everything nice and tidy. I also tend to drop this little headphone attachment which you need when you hook your headphones up to the plane entertainment screen, as it requires 2 prongs instead of the usual 1.

I lso like to pack somethings to freshen me up, hand cream and deodorant is my usual go to. But I always take minis and never expect them to last too long. You may have also noticed that I pack my travel guides in my hand luggage. Now I don’t always do this, but since Im going to be waiting in the airport for ages while I wait for my pick up, I thought I would put them in my hand luggage. I should also mention at this point, that I actually know where Im going after camp now! Well for a bit of it I do. See my mums coming out to meet me for my last 9 days and so we’re doing Universal and Discovery Cove in Orlando, before heading over to New Orleans for a couple of days. Its going to be amazing!

I’ve also packed the usual necessities such as my purse, although I’ve been told it might be too small for dollars, which I guess we will find out about soon. I also pack in a notebook and pens which I always like to have with me, even if I don’t always need it at the time. Theres something about having a notebook with me that makes me feel super comfortable. This notebook is from Notebook Theory and it’s honestly the most beautiful thing. Finally I have 2 very important things that are always the first or last thing to go in. Really there is no in-between. I like them to be the first, but  usually forget something and have to check something over. The first is my power bank. And this is a must if your traveling long haul. If your alone and your going all the way to America, the last thing you want is to run out of battery. When I got stuck in Athens because our flights got messed up, this was a life saver.

The second is probably the most important thing for any flyer. Its a pack of all my important documents. I now have this gorgeous leather travel wallet that I keep everything, but I haven’t transferred everything yet and this is my main pouch. In it, I keep everything from booking confirmations, travel insurance and  copy of my passport. There are other things of course but that a whole other post if you want it.

So thats what I take in my carry on. I always buy water and snacks when I’m through security, but thats really it. Oh and of course my phone and a comfy outfit. But thats it! I hope you enjoyed the post. let me know what your travel essentials are down in the comments below.






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