Meet my Puppies: Bullseye

I thought it was about time that you guys met two of my absolute best friends in my whole life. My puppies. Well, to be honest they aren’t really puppies anymore despite me attempting to convince myself so. Anyway, I thought I would introduce you to my two boys. These dogs are my life. I love them so very much, and I miss them so much while I’m away at university. Sometimes all I want is a snuggle with them, but they aren’t there and its really sad, but when I’m stressed honestly all you want is a little furry bundle to snuggle. So without any further ado. Meet Bullseye, my first pup.

This handsome guy is Bullseye, or Bully for short. Although he’s most definitely not a bully. He’s far from it. He’s named after his gorgeous patches all over his body, and in respect to the dog in Oliver Twist (according to my step dad, although I just loved the name). Bully is a cross between a Border Collie and a Bull Terrier, which I must say makes for a rather peculiar mix. He’s got the super long nose and bulky shoulders of a Bull Terrier, but the coat and temperament of a Border Collie. He actually so porous though. Seriously, everyone I see when I walk him stops me to tell me how pretty he is. They all seem to think he’s a puppy too, but he’s almost 9 years old! 9 years old! I cant believes he’s gotten so old.

I remember bringing Bullseye home when we got him, and he was the size of the palm of my hand. He was tiny. And that black nose he’s got now, was pink with tiny little black spots. and his tongue was like that too. You can still see the spots when he yawns, but my little puppies pink nose disappeared by the time he reached one.

Even though he’s nearly 9, it so easy to see my sweet bully as a puppy. He still springs around like a crazy, and Im not kidding, if you say the word’s “walk”, “out” or “go” you won’t get a moment of peace! He’s up in your face, and running up and down the stairs until you get your shoes on and either take him for a walk (which is more like a march) or to the field for a game of fetch. He’s so sprightly. He just loves to run and gods he’s so fast! One second he’s right next to you and the next he’s gone!

Now I’ve mentioned the whole walking thing, I think I should probably explain it. Now, Bullseye loves a walk. And I mean LOVES a walk. Once that word makes an appearance, you have no choice. You’re going or you will never have a moment of peace. He will stare at you, with his face literally centimetres from yours, and paw at you, which is something like being hit by a heavy tree branch, gods he’s strong! And a walk with Bully is not easy. Off the lead, you will never meet a dog with better recall. He will trot on either next to you or ahead and if he goes a bit too far, either because he spots something or your not as fast as him (trust me your not!), one call of his name and he’s galloping back. He’s so good. I dont think you could ask for a better behaved dog. Well until you get a lead on him. ¬†And your gone. Literally! He’s such a fast walker, he will march the entire way. And gods he’s strong! 27kg of pure muscle really comes into action. We’ve tried everything from harness to no-pull gear and the only thing that works is a halti. Now I really dont like Halti’s, they hook one a dogs nose and use the pressure or something to stop dogs pulling. But they do work and it means that you can walk him on the lead. Plus, we’ve taken off the pressure thing so it only pulls when he really, really does. Hopefully thats more comfortable for him at least.

Now you will never meet a dog sweeter than this pup. His temperament is the best of any dog I’ve ever met and thats saying something, since my family have had dogs since I can remember. He is so sweet and I’ve never seen him do anything that wrong. Okay so when he was a real puppy, he was really cheeky and did like to chew. A lot… But since he reached one or so, he’s been an absolute darling. His favourite thing is to cuddle up next to you, with his head on your shoulder, or lap, or stomach, well just anywhere near you. And he’s so protective. He really really loves us and its so obvious. He’s so loyal, obedient and generally a very loving dog. His favourite thing is cuddles, walks and fetch. He will literally play fetch until he aches. When he was a couple of years old he used to just run and run and run, until he ached so bad the next day that he could barely move. It used to be a real problem, but I think we’ve figured it out now.

He just loves his walks. He’s such a fantastic dog with a wonderful personality. You see it in his eyes. Bully got what I like to call ‘cartoon eyes’, which is when you can see the whites of his eyes a little too much so when he looks at you out the side of his eyes he looks like a cartoon character. He’s super expressive when does that. Its really rare to see Bully doing anything wrong either, and when he does he looks so guilty you cant tell him off. His little ears go right back and he won’t look at you, bless his heart.

Bully’s favourite food is cheese. Honestly I’ve never met a dog that likes cheese as much as this dog. And he’s really the least greedy dog in the world. You could put down a steak dinner and he wouldn’t touch it. He’s such a good boy. Oh and he loves salmon! Or any fish really but salmon is by far his favourite. I love to pick him up some salmon flavoured treats when I’m out and about. He also loves eggs and apple, too, but he’ll only take it from you if he’s hungry. He’s so soft mouthed. Such a softy. But he can sulk! When I get out my bag or suitcase to head back to university, you should see the stink eye he gives me! Wont come near me or look at me for hours. He hates it so much when I leave and boy can he hold a grudge. He always feels sorry for himself later and comes crawling onto my lap sad. But until then he will literally sit with his back to me with his little smile. Oh did I mention that he smiles? You can probably see it in one of the pictures with his on the field, but he has this adorable smile from cheek to cheek where his ears prick, his eyes narrow and he opens his mouth into something very similar to a smile. Because of this we call him our little smiler.

Bully has grown into such an amazing pup, from that tiny little puppy that I washed in the kitchen sink to now the hip hight (yes he’s that big) bold, loyal and gorgeous boy he is now. hank you so very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading about my pup. Stay tuned as later this week I’ll post about my other little puppy, Jace. Trust me he has quite the story. Do you have any pets, if not what would your ideal pet be?









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