Jenny’s June Favourites

Hey, long time no write! Sorry it has been a while since I last wrote a post. I have just been so busy so Hana took over the reigns and wrote a bunch of posts that are scheduled to be posted all over the summer so I am just filling in the gaps. So I thought that today, I would write about my June favourites. Just before I begin, I just want to point out that this is the first blog post that I am writing out in the garden and in the sun … yes it is sunny in England! It is finally summer and actually feeling like it.

So the first item that I have been loving is my new laptop case. I had recently purchased this from amazon as my previous case was around 3 years old, flimsy and not zip up so I always felt like my laptop would fall out of it anyway. In other words, I needed an upgrade. I was also looking for a snap case to put on my laptop as well as I had a marble one on that broke and then I decided to leave my laptop with out one on to show the logo however, I then found a small dent in my laptop (great) so decided to get a clear snap case for it. I bought the two cases together and oh my gosh I am actually in love with the colour and design of the zip case and feel like it is perfect in all seasons. The inside is so nice and soft as well and I have no doubt that my laptop will be safe from all the dust on the outside. Just in case your wondering, I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch with retina display and the cases fit perfectly.

Clear Snap Case ~ £11.99

Laptop Zip Case ~ £11.99

Ok, I know this is a bit random for a monthly favourites but it is summer and you know it is hot so you know, I get a little sweaty here and there. This deodorant has been a life saver cause honestly I use it all the time! Especially when wearing tight clothing in summer I get really paranoid about sweat marks but this allows me to be free of nerves and enjoy my day without me worrying about my pits! It does not leave any marks and smells so good! I do love Soft & Gentle deodorant and really want to try their Pink Grapefruit scented one next as I love Pink Grapefruit and especially for summer it will smell so good. The good news is that Superdrug have a sale on now and Soft & Gentle products are on sale!

Soft & Gentle Anti-Perspirant ~ £1.35

Another beauty product I have been loving is this Batiste Dry Shampoo. I don’t know about you guys but in summer I try to wash my hair as little as I can to try and build up the natural oils and get my hair back to a healthy condition as washing it everyday can wash out the natural oils. Also, because I am mostly just chilling around the house and sunbathing it does not make much sense to wash my hair everyday if I am only shoving it up in a bun, out of my face most of the time. However, I do get those days where I might be popping out for lunch or need to pop out to the Supermarket and my hair be in that in-between stage. You know that stage where it isn’t newly washed but it isn’t really greasy either its just kinda like second day/third day hair. So this dry shampoo is so useful for those days where I need to pop out and my hair might just need a bit of tidying up. Batiste for me is the best brand of dry shampoo, for my hair it works the best and is the only one that seems to really take away the grease. Not only does it tidy up your hair but oh my gosh it adds volumes to your hair as well. I have really fine hair that lies flat on my head so this massively helps me out when I am going out and need a boost in volume.

Batiste Dry Shampoo ~ £2.99

The last beauty item I have been loving which if you are following us on Instagram you would have already seen (@accordingtous18), the Pure Cali Hollister Perfume. OH MY GOSH! This smells incredible. I am that person who goes into Hollister and basically lingers in the shop because I love the smell so much! For me, Hollister is the best smelling shop out there. This perfume basically smells like the shop. It is not the same scent but it is as good as. That is why I love it so much. It is such a summer scent that is fresh and sweet. I have only had this for about a month and used about 1/5 of it already. It is the perfect scent for the summer in my opinion and has become my new favourite scent ever. If you love Hollister or the smell of the Hollister then I would definitely recommend giving this a go. I got the old bottle but I think they recently brought out the perfume in a new bottle which looks really nice. It is more expensive than the other items I have tagged above but for a perfume I do not think that £28.00 is a bad price especially because it smells so good!

Pure Cali Hollister ~ £28.00

Another new purchase I made recently in time for summer were these sunglasses. I got them from River Island and Oh My Gosh they are so cute! They have pink frames with a pinkish silvery lenses with a gold side arm and pink hooks (don’t know what you call them) that go over your ear). I am so particular when it comes to sunglasses so it took me a while to find a pair that I was happy with but I finally found them and honestly I am so pleased with them. The sunglasses case I got from accessorise a few years ago so I have tagged a similar case that I could find below. I would really recommend looking in places like Topshop and River Island if you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses on a budget as they have some really nice pairs for a really good price as well. The only thing I will say is that my previous pair I had were from River Island and I only had them for about a year before they came really loose and kept falling of my head all the time. I don’t know why so just hoping these don’t do the same thing and last for longer then one year.

Sunglasses Case ~ £5.00

Sunglasses ~ £16.00


For those of you who don’t know my birthday is in December which is a long way away and I will be turning 21. My boyfriend however had to book something in advance for my birthday and gave me the choice of when I could find what we were doing. I originally wanted to wait for my birthday but I just could not wait so he told me and if you haven’t guessed by the picture … he is taking me to a SHAWN MENDES CONCERT! I love Shawn Mendes! I first started listening to him when his song stitches came out and my friend showed me his music video to it. Ever since then I have continued to listen him and cannot believe how young he is, I mean he is 19! Anyway, he has an incredible voice and has some amazing albums out which I have now been listening to constantly. I am obsessed with his new album Shawn Mendes and my favourite songs are; In my blood, Youth, Perfectly Wrong and Where were you in the Morning? I am just so buzzing for the concert but unfortunately it is next year in April so got ages but gives me a long time to learn all the lyrics! I also want to purchase one of his t-shirts to wear to his concert but just currently in the process of deciding what one and what size. If you have not heard his music before I would definitely recommend giving Shawn Mendes ago and listening to his new album and his older albums as well as they are fab too!

Last but not least, I thought I would end with a few films I have seen this month that I have enjoyed as you know me, I LOVE films! The first film that I have really enjoyed this month is the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Before we went to see it I was reading some reviews on it and there were a lot of mixed reviews. Some said it was too scary, strayed too far from original intention of Jurassic Park and just generally wasn’t very good. However, I really enjoyed it. This could be down to the fact that I think Chris Pratt is a great actor and I love seeing him act although I did genuinely think that it was a good film. The CGI was fabulous and the dinosaurs are just so realistic. I found myself getting emotional about the dinosaurs at a few points too! The acting was great, the little girl was great however, there were some finer plot details that I thought were a bit silly but I guess they to make a good film and chasing it wouldn’t have so I will let it go but yes I enjoyed it. What was nice was that there were some comedy moments included which was cool as well to break it up a bit. I would recommend this film to those of you who enjoyed the first Jurassic World however, yes it is a little scary and freaky with a few jumpy moments and creepy dinosaurs but my family and I enjoyed.

Another great film I saw was Ocean’s 8 which was such a good film! Such a great cast as well and all women! I loved it. Even though it is about criminals stealing jewels, it is such a cool story and interesting seeing how they piece together the robbery and I was on the edge of my edge of my seat when they were carrying it out to see if they did it or not! I would definitely recommend this film to anyone out there who loves a good strong female lead movie. You have 8 strong female leads here who each do an awesome job in carrying out an impossible task and James Cordon even makes an appearance which is funny. There are some genius moments in this as well one of my favourite scenes was at the beginning when Sandra Bullock’s character gets out of Jail and goes to a store and picks up loads of stuff and acts like she is bringing them back to return them without the receipt. They end up saying they can’t return them without the receipt and she leaves with all the items. It was a great film and I am really hoping they will do another film as I love this blend of women all together and was great getting to see Rhianna act as well.

So there you have it, some of my June favourites. As I said, I am sorry for not posting recently but hopefully now life has calmed down a bit I can get back on to social media and start doing a bit more but I hoped you enjoyed the post. Feel free to comment your monthly favourites down below and I will be sure to check them out. Enjoy the sun!


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