Top 5 Phone Apps.

Since upgrading to a new phone with real storage on it, I’ve loved downloading a trying new apps. Seriously I think I’ve been through most of the app store by now! I keep downloading an app, trying it out for 15 minutes or so and then either organising it in my colour scheme (Im that weirdo) or deleting it. I’ve finally got a set of apps that Im really loving, so here I am sharing a few with you. I haven’t put them in any particular order, because I love each app for a totally different reason. Let me know what your favourite apps are; theres a possibility I haven’t tried them yet.


Okay so Forest isn’t what I would call a fun, time consuming app. Nor would I call it a total bore. See Forest is used to lock your phone while you study or work. It literally makes it so you cant use it, unless there an emergency. And it does it in a really clever way. Heres where the name comes in. Whenever you set a study period, between 10-120 minutes, it plants a tree. Just little sapling on your screen, and as the time goes, the tree grows. Its really cute too because any time period under 20 minutes is a little shrub or bush and anything above is full tree. But the tree gets ‘fuller’ in the leaves as the time gets longer. If you quite it and go on another app, the tree dies.

Theres something about the idea of a dying tree that makes me not want it to die! So I work on and it really does work for me. It can play nice white noise-style music in the background too, so it kind of does everything. At the end of the day, you can go back and see the forest you have grown. And I honestly just think its the best study tool out there.


Instagram is no new app to anyone. Nor is it exactly under subscribed. Never the less it is one of my absolute favourite apps of all time, despite the annoying new algorithm (gods know why they changed it in the first place- thank you for that!). I love photography, which I one of the many reasons I love this app so much. On Instagram I can share my favourite photos and follow people who share photos I love in return. I’ve never really had that big a following, but thats never really mattered to me. Im more there for the fun of it than the fame. If you guys want to follow us on instagram you can find us here: . We’re now post pretty much everyday and Im really loving it right now. Im also posting on the story as often as I can.


Okay so Jenny introduced me to this app and Im not ashamed to say I’ve fallen in love. AirBrush is an photo editing app which is brilliant and I literally use for all my photos now. You tweak and change pretty much everything and though you cant go into as much detail as say, Photoshop, you can really get the perfect image with it. It even has some built in filters which I personally love, though I must say I rarely use them. I much prefer the clean and pure look to hardly edited images, but I really feel like this app can help you achieve it. And you know whats even better? Its free!


Another really popular app that everyone knows and most people use. Since finishing university, Ive really been loving just going through and pinning some new boards. Although for some reason a lot of study materials have started to appear which, Im not going to lie, can really get me missing university (Gods did I just say that!?) and is also a tad annoying. But the more I pin, the more variety I get on the boards. You can follow us here if you want to. We, or I, mostly post summer outfits, tips and tricks, blog posts and lots of other things too. I just really enjoy browsing through the boards. I also find them super inspirational and helpful in terms of those days when you’re feeling a little less motivated.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

When they told us that there was going to be a Harry Potter app, which would emerge you into the world of Hogwarts as a new student, I was a little excited. Well very excited. I must admit I signed up for the Beta test as soon as it came out, and I love it so much! When they said they were bringing this out I didn’t have ridiculously high hope, the last few Harry Potter themed apps have been really disappointing, but this one is so good! I love the fact that you can literally make your own character, with their own looks and names, put them into your given house and follow a story line to save your brother 9or find the cursed vaults, which ever you put first on the agenda). But there are story lines along the way which I find really interesting and you get to meet characters who we know from the books, only 11 years or so earlier. The only thing is, I wish that there was a little more decision related changes. Maybe one path could be blocked by a decision you made, and another one is opened? Oh im not sure but either way I really enjoy this app.

I hope you enjoyed my little list. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite apps are.







  1. July 9, 2018 / 18:37

    I have never heard of airbrush, but I’m super intrigued and want to try it out. OMG, I love the Harry Potter Game, I wish it didn’t take so long to gain energy, but the story has been pretty well thought out! Great post xx

    Melina |

    • lifeaccordingtous
      July 15, 2018 / 15:22

      Yeh you should definitely give airbrush a try! It is so good. I love the Harry Potter game too. That is the only annoying thing. What house are you in? Thank you very much Melina xxx

      • July 16, 2018 / 14:18

        I’m part of the slytherin household! What about you:)?

        • lifeaccordingtous
          July 16, 2018 / 18:28

          I am Hufflepuff but I am not entirely sure what Hana is! Xx

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